Christopher - Told You So: Track-By-Track Review

Danish pop star Christopher has released his 2nd album Told You So, and after his great debut Colors, we had to check this one out, too. First of all, let's start with the cover: I don't know why he insists on black and white album covers, but whatever. He definitely looked better with short, straight hair, but I guess he wanted to go for the more mature style this time. The album has only 10 songs, so here they are:

1. Told You So: the title song and the 1st single is not really a good way to start the album. Everything about it sounds too much like Justin Timberlake's Like I Love You - the music, his voice, the video... Totally unoriginal and generic (2/5)
2. Crazy: this is the 2nd single, and again, not the best choice for a single. Christopher definitely lost his identity in this song, which sounds like a mix of Ne-Yo and Jay Sean. The video starts out boring and then turns weird with a sudden cut to a shower scene, which is completely out of place. (3/5)
3. Doctor: things are starting to pick up here. Although this song also sounds like he's copying someone else's style, it's much better than the first two. If you like 90s pop/rnb, this is the song for you. (4/5)
4. Remind You: this is the first ballad on the album and it's a really good song. Christopher stays true to his style and voice, and doesn't sound as if he's copying someone. (5/5)
5. Nympho: one of the best songs on the album. Nympho starts with a dramatic intro and later picks up in an even more dramatic chorus. The lyrics are unnecessarily sexed-up and generic, but that doesn't ruin the song. (5/5)
6. Go Find A Man: at first this one sounds like a totally average song, but it turns out quite catchy. It has a great chorus and instrumental, so definitely check this one out. (4/5)
7. Mama: I don't really know what to say about this one. It didn't leave any impression on me, except that it sounds like another JT song. Totally forgettable. (2/5)
8. High On Life: another great song that reminds me of the amazing Armin Van Buuren's This Is What It Feels Like. This is the kind of music Christopher should be making. (5/5)
9. Little Sunshine: this song is the closest to the sound on his previous album, which is a good thing. It's an uplifting, acoustic song and Christopher sounds great in it. Deserves to be a single. (5/5)
10. Waterfall: the real gem of the album is waiting at the end in the form of this beautiful, Oriental-style ballad. It's a simple song without much instruments, but with some lovely lyrics. Possibly the best song on the album. (5/5)

Overall, it's a pretty good album, but with some faults. Unlike his first album, Colors, which perhaps had too many ballads, Told You So actually excels in ballads. Waterfall and Little Sunshine are some of the best songs on it. What's obvious is that Christopher went for a more mature image but lost some of his unique style and ended up sounding like other singers. This is most obvious in songs like Mama and Told You So, which actually sound as if Christopher paid Justin Timberlake to sing the songs for him. It's a mixed bag of songs, but it's definitely worth a listen, especially the 2nd half of the album.

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Oh Land treats us with a Cherry On Top

And the award for the most inspiring video of the year goes to... Cherry On Top by Oh Land.

By exploring her wishes in her latest album Wish Bone, Danish pop princess Oh Land has reached new heights in the 4th video from the album, becoming a muse of dance and music. This is the impression you will certainly have when you watch this video.
A boy wants to become a ballet dancer, and Oh Land is there to help him, guide and inspire him, and finally just have some childish fun with him. This is a video for all ages, inspiring for everyone, and the beautiful song that goes along with it completes the experience.
If you want to cheer someone up, just share this video with them, it will certainly make their day.

Girls in Pop: Anastacia, Kylie, Sophie, Shakira

Female pop stars are very active these days, releasing new videos and albums all the time. Surprisingly, today's list includes all the pop veterans, singers that have been on the scene for many years. Let's kick things off with a diva who used to top the charts at the start of this century.

Anastacia - Stupid Little Things

Yeah, Anastacia is finally back! After winning another battle against cancer, and a recent album of covers, she's back with a new single Stupid Little Things. The song brings her back to the pop-rock sound of her 3rd album 'Anastacia' and is similar to one of her biggest hits, Left Outside Alone. It's an empowering, very catchy song with a great chorus. The video is also nice, although not very innovative. It's basically just Anastacia walking through a dessert, a city and a train. She looks great, though, so that's a plus. The new album, Ressurection, will be out May 6! (5/5)

Shakira - Empire

After a disappointing new album 'Shakira.' and mediocre lead single with Rihanna, Can't Remember To Forget You, Shakira is giving it another try with the 2nd single, Empire. This is a ballad that you might like if you watch the video. Otherwise, you're probably gonna think it's another filler. Lyrics are too corny ("stars make love to the universe") and there's no real chorus, just some weird voice effects. On the other hand, the video is beautiful, so watch it for sure! (2/5)

Kylie Minogue - Sexercise

Kylie also hasn't had much success with her latest album, Into The Blue, but she definitely caused a lot of controversy with the new video for Sexercise. The song itself is not really anything special, although that style is currently popular, so it might get a positive reaction. But the video - OMG! She sexerices with a bunch of other hot women, in (needless to say) provocative outfits and poses. The video is one wet shirt away from being lesbo porn. At least Kylie looks amazing. P.S. This won't be the 2nd single. Instead, the next single is gonna be I Was Gonna Cancel - lyric video HERE. (3/5)

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Runaway Daydreamer

After releasing the best album of the year, Wanderlust, Sophie-Ellis Bextor has released another single from it, Runaway Daydreamer. The songs sounds exactly like its title does - it's a mellow song perfect for daydreaming or walking through a meadow in springtime. I'm not really sure why she chose this one as the 2nd single since there are much better songs on the album. Sophie, if you're reading this, 13 Little Dolls has to be next! The video is basically Young Blood video pt.2, with the same scenes as in that video. (4/5)

Who else loves Rixton? 'Me & My Broken Heart' EP review

If you're not listening to Rixton by now, you should be ashamed of yourselves. These four British lads are just starting their musical journey and they might be the new McFly. (Lawson's music is not that good, so they're out, while McFly are too busy hanging out with Busted and taking pics.) So Rixton, welcome!

The boys have released their 1st EP called 'Me And My Broken Heart', which is also the name of their new single. Check it out below!

First of all, how great is that song? It's so catchy it'll stay in your head after just one listen. I know, the video is a bit confusing, but at least it's not cringeworthy like their Make Out video (let's not even go there). So there's the 4 band members, 4 girls who are all con artists, some gambling, 4 (I guess) bags with real and/or fake money and a surprise twist in the end. Who doesn't love a video like that?

Now let's move on to their EP, Me And My Broken Heart, which features 3 more songs besides the title one.
1. We All Want The Same Thing - the 1st song is not really the best representative of their sound since others are much more acoustic and less dancey. Still, it's a great, catchy song, perfect for dancing in a club. (5/5)
2. Hotel Ceiling - this one is a very good ballad with that typical British pop style (McFly, Ed Sheeran...). This could definitely be a contender for a single, with its memorable chorus and stripped back, acoustic sound. (4.5/5)
3. Me And My Broken Heart - we've already established how good this song is. It's a perfect song for putting the band on the map and have everyone head bopping to it. (5/5)
4. Appreciated - slowing things down again, this cool, acoustic ballad has it all: whistles, acoustic guitars and a great melody. Both the chorus and the verses stand out in their own ways, and Jake's (lead singer) voice sounds amazing in this song. (5/5)

BTW, how much does Jake look like Tom from McFly in this video?