Selena Gomez Releases New Single Same Old Love

Pop princess Selena Gomez has dropped her new single Same Old Love just months after her latest hit Good For You, showing us that she's ready to experiment and move away from her standard pop formula from her previous albums.

First of all, Good For You was a slow and sexy RnB jam that was nothing like she's done before, and now comes Same Old Love, another surprise. This song is a mid-tempo with an RnB sound, but not at all like Good For You or any of her previous hits. Whether or not it will be a hit remains to be seen, but judging by the song's quality, it should definitely be another success for Selena!

Same Old Love will serve as the 2nd single off Selena's upcoming album Revival, which is out in just a few weeks! You can already preorder Revival before its official release date, which is October 9. Here's the official tracklist for the album:

1. Revival
2. Kill 'Em With Kindness
3. Hands To Myself
4. Same Old Love
5. Sober
6. Good For You (feat. ASAP Rocky)
7. Camouflage
8. Me & The Rhythm
9. Survivors
10. Body Heat
11. Rise

- Deluxe:
12. Me & My Girls
13. Nobody

- International deluxe and Target edition:
14. Perfect
15. Outta My Hands (Loco)
16. Cologne

Judging by the first two singles, Revival could be a major change in Selena's sound, moving away from pop/dance to more mature RnB, mid-tempo sound. Although, some of the track titles sound like they're going to be club bangers (Body Heat, Me & The Rhythm), so maybe it'll be a mix of different sounds. Just a few more weeks before we find out!

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