Who else loves Rixton? 'Me & My Broken Heart' EP review

If you're not listening to Rixton by now, you should be ashamed of yourselves. These four British lads are just starting their musical journey and they might be the new McFly. (Lawson's music is not that good, so they're out, while McFly are too busy hanging out with Busted and taking pics.) So Rixton, welcome!

The boys have released their 1st EP called 'Me And My Broken Heart', which is also the name of their new single. Check it out below!

First of all, how great is that song? It's so catchy it'll stay in your head after just one listen. I know, the video is a bit confusing, but at least it's not cringeworthy like their Make Out video (let's not even go there). So there's the 4 band members, 4 girls who are all con artists, some gambling, 4 (I guess) bags with real and/or fake money and a surprise twist in the end. Who doesn't love a video like that?

Now let's move on to their EP, Me And My Broken Heart, which features 3 more songs besides the title one.
1. We All Want The Same Thing - the 1st song is not really the best representative of their sound since others are much more acoustic and less dancey. Still, it's a great, catchy song, perfect for dancing in a club. (5/5)
2. Hotel Ceiling - this one is a very good ballad with that typical British pop style (McFly, Ed Sheeran...). This could definitely be a contender for a single, with its memorable chorus and stripped back, acoustic sound. (4.5/5)
3. Me And My Broken Heart - we've already established how good this song is. It's a perfect song for putting the band on the map and have everyone head bopping to it. (5/5)
4. Appreciated - slowing things down again, this cool, acoustic ballad has it all: whistles, acoustic guitars and a great melody. Both the chorus and the verses stand out in their own ways, and Jake's (lead singer) voice sounds amazing in this song. (5/5)

BTW, how much does Jake look like Tom from McFly in this video?

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