Listen: Selena Gomez Drops New Single Good For You

Selena Gomez is back with a brand new song Good For You, the first single from her upcoming album. The song is a collaboration with A$AP Rocky and it's her first collaboration ever (I think?), unless we count the albums she did with her band The Scene.

You can see the single cover above, showing a more mature side of Selena, in an oversized t-shirt and with wet hair, in a sexy, seductive pose. Just like the cover art, the song is also a calculated move toward a more sexy and mature image and sound.

Selena sings in a sexy, low voice, although it sounds a bit awkward. At times you can barely understand what she's saying or what language she's singing in. The song has a mystical, moody vibe, kind of like Kylie Minogue's Slow or Britney Spears' Early Morning. If you expected a club banger like Slow Down or Love You Like A Love Song, you'll be disappointed. Also, A$AP Rocky's rapping part is completely unnecessary and doesn't contribute anything to the song.

We'll see if this song will be a big hit for Selena, but it will definitely mark a change in her image and music.

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