Giorgio Moroder - Déjà Vu: Album Review

Famous music producer Giorgio Moroder is back after a seriously long break with a new album - Déjà Vu. Moroder has teamed up with many big names (Kylie, Britney, Sia), and many not-so-big ones, to produce a mixed bag of disco/electronic pop songs. The album is yet to produce a big hit single for Moroder, but is there potential on it? Let's see...

After the instrumental intro called 4 U With Love, comes the title track Déjà Vu, featuring one of the hottest singers/songwriters at the moment - Sia. This song was chosen for the album's 2nd single, but it's a perfect example of how a big name doesn't have to mean a big song. Firstly, there's the issue with Sia singing unintelligibly as usual - without looking up lyrics online, you won't understand half the words. And secondly, this is just a forgettable disco song that you can skip after one listen. (3/5)

Diamonds is slightly better, but we're not at the good stuff yet. The chorus is great, and Charli's voice gives the song a nostalgic vibe. However, the song would've maybe been better if it were mid-tempo. Also, the male voice saying "diamonds" throughout the song is just annoying. (3/5)

Now we're talking! Don't Let Go is an amazing track that deserves to be a single. It sounds like a big, powerful anthem, and Mikky's voice is great on it. Definitely a highlight on this album! (5/5)

Hmmm, it's clear what Moroder is doing here. He's releasing songs with the biggest stars as singles thinking they'd become hits just because of the stars attached to them. That's not exactly how it works. Just like the Sia song, this one is nothing special either. It sounds like something Kylie would've released back in 1990s... (3/5)

Tempted is a catchy disco song that could've totally been released by Bruno Mars. It's a very good song for all the disco fans. (4/5)

After another instrumental comes the only cover on the album - Tom's Diner (cover of Suzanne Vega's song). An absolute highlight of the album, this cover has deservedly been praised by nearly all the music critics. Britney's voice is perfect for the song, and the production is just amazing, making the song very exciting. Hopefully, this will be the next single. (5/5)

Wildstar is another catchy uptempo song, similar to Tempted. Disco fans should absolutely love it! (4.5/5)

10 BACK AND FORTH ft. Kelis
Taking a break from the disco songs, we now come to a more modern electronic song featuring Kelis. It's as catchy as Wildstar and Tom's Diner, and Kelis' rough vocals are a perfect match for it. Definitely don't miss this one! (5/5)

This is one of the weakest songs on the album. It has some weird mid-tempo rhythm and a very repetitive chorus, and the other parts of the song are not memorable either. Feel free to skip this one and move on to La Disco, which is the best of the 3 instrumental tracks on the album. (2/5)

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