How Beyoncé Turned into the Ultimate Troll

You know how Beyoncé went and released her latest album out of the blue, without any announcement whatsoever? Bam! - she just put out the whole album with God knows how many videos out on iTunes, causing her fans (the Beyhive) to go crazy (in a good way). Now she made them go crazy again, but in a bad, bad way...

This time, Beyoncé announced some big news she had to share with everyone, and she appeared on Good Morning America to do it. No, she's not "pregnant" again, she's not dropping another album, divorcing Jay Z or abandoning the sinking ship that is Tidal.

The big news is that she has a new diet, called The 22-Day Revolution. It's a vegan diet and it helped her get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle, and she just had to share it with everyone. Yes, I'm being totally serious here. You can only imagine how pissed her fans were when they heard this was the "big news"! XD Beyoncé, why u such a troll?

Of course, it didn't take long for Bey fans to overwhelm all the social media with their messages, expressing their anger and disbelief. Soon, her Instagram account was spammed with stuff like this:

Fans on Twitter were also very creative:

So there you have it, folks, next time your fave announces some "amazing news", be careful and don't get too excited - especially if your fave is Beyoncé!

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