New music videos you can't miss!

Another music mix is here, because there's so many new songs and vids out there right now, so why not put them all in the same post. 2014 has started off very busy, with many artists preparing their new singles and albums.

One of them is the Belgian pop sensation Milow, whose new album Silver Linings is coming out March 31 (check out the album cover above!). He just released a video for a new song from the new album, and it's called Echoes In The Dark. The song is a beautiful, captivating ballad, with a magical, relaxing sound. Its video is just a girl diving through water. Simple, but somehow fits the mood of the song well. Also, get ready for the video for We Must Be Crazy, which has been shot and is to be released soon!

Next up - The Pierces! The two sisters are not stopping with promoting their upcoming album (Creation, out June 2). Just a few weeks after releasing the video for Kings, they have now released another video, for a brand new song Believe In Me. The song is more chill compared to Kings, and it's perfect for listening while driving your car. The chorus is very catchy, with a cool summery vibe. The video is basically Kings pt.2, but it also features two young girls, who are probably supposed to be the younger version of The Pierces.

Finally, we come to a short, but sweet new revelation. Some good Samaritan has been so kind to release a snippet of a demo recorded by Britney Spears, for a song called Vertigo. If you've been following this blog, you'll know that another Britney demo leaked recently, for a song called Unbroken. It's obviously Christmas time for all the Britney fans out there! Although the new demo is not full, but just a 30 second snippet, we can clearly hear that the song is hot! Sounds a bit like something Kylie Minogue would do, and this style suits Britney very well. Hopefully the full song will leak soon.

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