The Pierces release video for Kings and announce album name

"If we want to, we could do what kings do,
I could feel the earth move when you speak."

Folk-pop duo The Pierces are now officially back on the map with a new single and a music video! No, it's not Royals (thank God!), but something much better. Their new song is called Kings and is a perfect 1st single for their upcoming album. The sound is not as acoustic as their previous stuff, but that doesn't stop the song from being amazing. Catherine sings most of it, with Allison joining in the chorus and some background vocals. The sisters sound great as always and there is something mystical about their voices that just fits perfectly with the video...

"We are half the blood of angels
and we fell from the same star..."

The video is a real visual treat and very unusally done. It consists of many still images as well as video clips. Also, it's full of night/space imagery - moons, planets and stars - and some night animals like wolves and owls. It's kinda similar to their We Are Stars video, just updated. This is probably the best example of how you can do a low-budget video and still make it look fresh, elegant and interesting. Plus, the girls are looking amazing as usual.

And as if all of this isn't enough, the sisters have also announced the details about their new album: it has a very cool name

and is out June 2! Yeah, it's a long wait, but at least we have Kings to listen to until it's released. Plus, it's 4 months until Creation is released, so I'm sure there will be another single/video by then. What can I say, great job, The Pierces. Now hurry up and finish that amazing follow up to You & I!

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