Kylie's Into The Blue review + Kiss Me Once album art

Things are slowly heating up again in the world of Kylie Minogue. Her new single has just been released (Into The Blue) - the first single off her new album Kiss Me Once (check out the cover^^)! What do you think of the pic? Once again, Kylie does something beautiful and classy.

She has also already shot the video for Into The Blue, but the release date for it hasn't been announced yet. Until then, you can check out the official lyric video. It could even serve as the real video since it's not just lyrics over a colorful background - Kylie actually appears in it and looks hot as always. Still, just one thing - isn't a lyric video supposed to help you learn the lyrics? 'Cause Kylie's handwriting isn't really that legible ;)

Unless that was her plan all along... You have to watch the vid several times to catch all the lyrics, and by then, the song will be stuck in your head. 'Cause let's face it, although it's a good song, it's not really catchy at first listen, nowhere near Can't Get You Out Of My Head or On A Night Like This. Still, once you get into it, you realize how good it is. Also, it's very well-written, no corny, generic lyrics like in most pop songs nowadays. 
The highlight of the song for me: the way she sings 'into the blue...' part in the chorus. Flawless :)

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