New music videos you can't miss!

Another music mix is here, because there's so many new songs and vids out there right now, so why not put them all in the same post. 2014 has started off very busy, with many artists preparing their new singles and albums.

One of them is the Belgian pop sensation Milow, whose new album Silver Linings is coming out March 31 (check out the album cover above!). He just released a video for a new song from the new album, and it's called Echoes In The Dark. The song is a beautiful, captivating ballad, with a magical, relaxing sound. Its video is just a girl diving through water. Simple, but somehow fits the mood of the song well. Also, get ready for the video for We Must Be Crazy, which has been shot and is to be released soon!

Next up - The Pierces! The two sisters are not stopping with promoting their upcoming album (Creation, out June 2). Just a few weeks after releasing the video for Kings, they have now released another video, for a brand new song Believe In Me. The song is more chill compared to Kings, and it's perfect for listening while driving your car. The chorus is very catchy, with a cool summery vibe. The video is basically Kings pt.2, but it also features two young girls, who are probably supposed to be the younger version of The Pierces.

Finally, we come to a short, but sweet new revelation. Some good Samaritan has been so kind to release a snippet of a demo recorded by Britney Spears, for a song called Vertigo. If you've been following this blog, you'll know that another Britney demo leaked recently, for a song called Unbroken. It's obviously Christmas time for all the Britney fans out there! Although the new demo is not full, but just a 30 second snippet, we can clearly hear that the song is hot! Sounds a bit like something Kylie Minogue would do, and this style suits Britney very well. Hopefully the full song will leak soon.

Listen to new Britney Spears demo - Unbroken

Don't you just love it when some cool new song comes out completely announced and blows your mind? Thought so. This is one of those cases. A new demo by Britney Spears leaked just yesterday, it's called Unbroken and it was supposedly recorded for her Femme Fatale album. Now, that album was already packed with hits, but one more couldn't have hurt. Do you think Unbroken should've been included in the album? Would you maybe replace some song (cough-How I Roll-cough) with this one?

The demo isn't really HQ so maybe it's not even Britney singing it, but it sure sounds like her. Anyway, the song is definitely very catchy and in Britney style, so it would've fit in perfectly on Femme Fatale. Although, it has that old-school pop vibe, so maybe it would've sounded better on the Britney album, alongside Overprotected and Bombastic Love. Doesn't matter anyway, as long as we have a new Britney jam!

New Music Mix: J.Lo, Bastille, The Pierces & Kylie

Wow, so many new songs and videos coming out lately, who's gonna track them all down! Ok, we'll do it together. 
Let's start off with a brand new song by the one and only Jenny from the block. Same Girl is the name of J.Lo's new song, and it's basically Jenny From The Block pt.2 She's all about being the 'same girl' as before, down to earth, hangin' out with her people from the Bronx. The song is actually good (although not even close to being catchy as Jenny From The Block), and the video is a welcome change from her recent sexed-up videos of her endless collabs with Pitbull. If she had released this song/video in 2002, it would've probably been a smash, but now... We'll have to wait and see.

Next up on our list is the new Bastille video for Flaws. This is definitely one of the rare weak tracks on their album Bad Blood, but they keep insisting on it. After releasing it in the UK, re-releasing it with the 2nd video, they are now re-re-releasing it (for the US market) with a 3rd video! If they keep up they're gonna beat Beyonce in the amount of videos. Basically, the new video is just tour footage (see it here), so instead here's the previous video :)

Moving on - I've written lots about Kylie Minogue lately, cause she's been busy as hell. Well, she also has a new video, for her latest single Into The Blue, from the upcoming album Kiss Me Once. The album is out in March and the video is right here below. It's a nice video visually, but a bit boring as there's no storyline, choreography, etc. She definitely could've done better for her comeback.

And finally, the enchanting sisters, The Pierces, have released another song, Believe In Me. The song is taken from their upcoming album Creation (out June 2), and it follows the first single Kings. It's quite similar to Kings when it comes to production, but it's more stompy and less upbeat. Anyway, it's another beautiful song in their collection, with a chorus you'll definitely be singing along to.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor 'Wanderlust': track-by-track review

"It's real love, and here inside my heart it's crystallized,
like it's framed in time and never tainted..."

In this track-by-track review it's time for Wanderlust - the latest, most ambitious effort of UK pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor. This is an album that sees Sophie experimenting with her sound, exploring genres that she never did before. It's much different than her previous, dance pop albums. Most of the songs on Wanderlust are ballads with live instruments. It's a very poetic album, which can be seen in the song titles as well.
1. Birth Of An Empire - The opening track is a haunting ballad that is a perfect start to the album. It features string instruments, great choir-like backing vocals, and of course, beautiful vocals by Sophie. (5/5)
2. Until The Start Collide - This song is like part 2 of the previous one, they go very well together. Also, it has some of my favorite lyrics off this album: "It's not over just because we said goodbye. I'll wait until the stars collide." (4/5)
3. Runaway Daydreamer - Another lovely, mellow song that you can relax to. It has a summery feel and sounds like something that would be used in a musical. (3/5)
4. The Deer & The Wolf - The album briefly picks up the pace in this song. This is a catchy tune, similar to the previous one but a bit faster. It explores the well-known 'opposites attract' theme, but in an unusual way. (5/5)
5. Young Blood - This song was chosen as the album's 1st single for a reason. It's a luxurious ballad with beautiful lyrics and it will probably be stuck in your head after just one listen. (5/5)
6.  Interlude - Another dreamy, lyrical ballad. It doesn't really stand out among the other, much better songs. Also, it's very short at just 2.23. (2/5)
7. 13 Little Dolls - Here we have another highlight. This is the only real uptempo song on the album and it is captivating from the first second. It has very interesting and creepy lyrics, so be sure you don't miss this one! (5/5)
8. Wrong Side Of The Sun - A piano ballad very similar to the first 2 songs, so if you liked those, you'll like this one as well. (5/5)
9. Love Is A Camera - One of my favorite songs on the album. It has somewhat creepy lyrics and a very beautiful chorus ("Love is a camera full of memories..."). This song would be perfect for a Tim Burton movie. (5/5)
10. Cry To The Beat Of The Band - This a powerful ballad, with strong beats and hand claps, unlike the previous ones. Just like 13 Little Dolls, this one stands out from the other songs. Definitely check it out! (5/5)
11. When The Storm Has Blown Over - This one is like Interlude pt.2 - it's a very stripped back ballad, a fitting ending for the album. However, it's one of the weaker songs. (2/5)

Sophie took a risk with Wanderlust, and it has definitely paid off. The result is a very well-put, beautifully sounding album. You can listen to it from beginning to the end as if it were one long song. If you were expecting something like her earlier stuff, you'll be very surprised. I definitely recommend it to all the music lovers!

5 Weirdest Lyrics in Pop Music

We all know pop music is not really known for its groundbreaking lyrics. Many pop songs are just feelgood, catchy songs that are mainly about the melody and hooks. And that's why we love them! But sometimes, there are some weird ass lyrics that really make us wonder how the hell did they get approved?! Here are 5 of them right now.

5. Alesha Dixon - Mystery

Mystery is definitely the weirdest Alesha song ever (from her album The Alesha Show). The whole song is full of random lyrics that Alesha sings/raps very quickly, making it hard to understand what she's singing about. Here's a part of the lyrics:

At first I was sippin' the tea
Then I was sittin' on the coast of Spain
Hey, then, then I was all confused
No, I didn't know where I was
Might as well be a fairytale
So I picked I would be in Oz.

However, the weirdest part comes in the second verse where I guess she runs out of things to say, so she has to improvise:

Everybody gonna rock n' roll
We're pullin' like a mad lever, out of control

You can listen to that part at 1.22 in the video.

4. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

You all know this one very well, I don't even have to say anything. Just this photo from a chemistry class:

Source: Reddit

3. Kylie Minogue - Speakerphone

Kylie Minogue is usually the best at dance songs that are all about going to the club, dancing and letting it go. Speakerphone (from her album X) is one of such songs. However, in the middle of the song she decides it's time to stop dancing and she gives us a lecture about human skeletal system (0.50):

To your head bone
Temple bone
Through your jaw bone
To your neck bone
Collar bone
let it go on
To your back bone
Moving on
Through your hip bone

I think she may have missed some bones, maybe she's planning Speakerphone pt.2 on her next album.

2. Britney Spears ft. Sabi - (Drop Dead) Beautiful

On her Femme Fatale album, Britney did a song with Sabi (You're asking 'who?' - No idea.) Well, the result was a song that fans either loved or hated. If they hated it, it was mostly because of Sabi's part, which is just weird. Here's the critical point (2.27):

Got me kinda hot
But, I ain't sweatin' you
Steamin' like a pot full of vegetables

I mean, really? Who on Earth thought this was a good idea? Why did Britney and Sabi agree to put this in a song?

1. Janet Jackson - Feedback

Ok, this song had to be #1 because its lyrics are not just weird, they're totally gross. Janet released Feedback as the 1st single off Discipline, and it's a great song with a smashing video. But - one part of the song sticks out for all the wrong reasons (2.36):

Cause my swag is serious
Something heavy like a first day period

Again - why? 'Period' doesn't even rhyme with 'serious'... She should've used Alesha's and Gaga's technique and just blurted out some gibberish.
What are some other freaky lyrics? Let me know, cuz I wanna hear them!

Get ready for Kylie Minogue's sexiest album yet - Kiss Me Once tracklist!

Let's sexercise!

Get a load of this! If you were thinking Kylie Minogue has lost her edge or was gonna tone her image down, well, not gonna happen! She's not here for standing in one place, all covered up, singing ballads about long lost loves. With a new album, Kiss Me Once, ready to hit iTunes' digital shelves soon, Kylie is sexing it up again. Check out the fantastic album tracklist below:

1. Into The Blue
2. Million Miles
3. I Was Gonna Cancel
4. Sexy Love
5. Sexercize
6. Feels So Good
7. If Only
8. Les Sex
9. Kiss Me Once
10. Beautiful
11. Fine
12. Mr President (bonus track)
13. Sleeping With The Enemy (bonus track)

When an album contains such song titles as Les Sex (is that French? I'm not sure...), Sleeping With The Enemy and Sexercise, it cannot fail! Although my favorite title is I Was Gonna Cancel (I smell a big hit!). You can already preorder the album from iTunes, but its official release date seems to be March 18, judging by its iTunes page. That's a little more than a month to go, so we'll just have to listen to the 1st single Into The Blue (whose cover art you can see above) until we get our hands (and ears) on all the 13 songs.