The Pierces release video for Kings and announce album name

"If we want to, we could do what kings do,
I could feel the earth move when you speak."

Folk-pop duo The Pierces are now officially back on the map with a new single and a music video! No, it's not Royals (thank God!), but something much better. Their new song is called Kings and is a perfect 1st single for their upcoming album. The sound is not as acoustic as their previous stuff, but that doesn't stop the song from being amazing. Catherine sings most of it, with Allison joining in the chorus and some background vocals. The sisters sound great as always and there is something mystical about their voices that just fits perfectly with the video...

"We are half the blood of angels
and we fell from the same star..."

The video is a real visual treat and very unusally done. It consists of many still images as well as video clips. Also, it's full of night/space imagery - moons, planets and stars - and some night animals like wolves and owls. It's kinda similar to their We Are Stars video, just updated. This is probably the best example of how you can do a low-budget video and still make it look fresh, elegant and interesting. Plus, the girls are looking amazing as usual.

And as if all of this isn't enough, the sisters have also announced the details about their new album: it has a very cool name

and is out June 2! Yeah, it's a long wait, but at least we have Kings to listen to until it's released. Plus, it's 4 months until Creation is released, so I'm sure there will be another single/video by then. What can I say, great job, The Pierces. Now hurry up and finish that amazing follow up to You & I!

Milow has a new single - We Must Be Crazy

We have been waiting for a long time for new music from Milow, but the wait is (almost) over. His new single We Must Be Crazy is finally out on radio in some European countries (Germany, Belgium). Check out the single cover above and the song below, as he's already performed it on some gigs.

Milow is staying true to his signature style in this mellow, acoustic ballad that sounds like his past songs Building Bridges or Stepping Stone. We Must Be Crazy is the 1st single to be taken off Milow's new album Silver Linings (whose release date still hasn't been announced, but is supposedly 'coming soon').

Originally, Against The Tide was supposed to be the 1st single, but his record label changed their mind and picked We Must Be Crazy instead. Not really sure if that was a good choice, since at first listen Against The Tide seems to be more catchy, radio friendly and has some inspiring lyrics. Which song do you think is a better choice for single #1?

Kylie's Into The Blue review + Kiss Me Once album art

Things are slowly heating up again in the world of Kylie Minogue. Her new single has just been released (Into The Blue) - the first single off her new album Kiss Me Once (check out the cover^^)! What do you think of the pic? Once again, Kylie does something beautiful and classy.

She has also already shot the video for Into The Blue, but the release date for it hasn't been announced yet. Until then, you can check out the official lyric video. It could even serve as the real video since it's not just lyrics over a colorful background - Kylie actually appears in it and looks hot as always. Still, just one thing - isn't a lyric video supposed to help you learn the lyrics? 'Cause Kylie's handwriting isn't really that legible ;)

Unless that was her plan all along... You have to watch the vid several times to catch all the lyrics, and by then, the song will be stuck in your head. 'Cause let's face it, although it's a good song, it's not really catchy at first listen, nowhere near Can't Get You Out Of My Head or On A Night Like This. Still, once you get into it, you realize how good it is. Also, it's very well-written, no corny, generic lyrics like in most pop songs nowadays. 
The highlight of the song for me: the way she sings 'into the blue...' part in the chorus. Flawless :)

Hottest sisters in music are coming back - The Pierces!

After a long-ass break of nearly 2 years since their last video from their last album You & I, the beautiful sisters Alison and Catherine, aka The Pierces are preparing their comeback on the music scene! Today, they announced on their twitter account that fans can expect new music soon!
The girls also included a link to what is probably a short snippet from their upcoming music video, for a song whose title (maybe Kings?) and release date are still unknown.

Until The Pierces surprise us with a new enchanting melody and video, let's enjoy these gems from their vast collection of beautiful songs: Turn On Billie and Secret.

Shakira and Rihanna, we will remember to forget your new song

Here's a match many of you didn't see coming. No, I'm not talking about the Gaga/Xtincta collab, we already covered that a few posts ago. I'm talking about the new collab of Shakira and RihannaCan't Remember To Forget You.
These days, everyone wants to sing with Rihanna, so why not Shakira, you ask? Well, when two such huge stars do a song together, you expect it to be a smash. That's why this song might disappoint many, including Shakira and Rihanna fans.

The song is basically typical Shakira stuff. It sounds like filler from She Wolf or Laundry Service, so she should definitely update her sound a bit. On the other hand, Rihanna's parts sound reggae because of her singing style, so they don't really match the rest of the song. That doesn't mean they are not good, Rihanna's parts are actually better, but the whole thing just doesn't work. Shakira and Beyonce worked well because they have some stuff in common, but putting together fierce-reggae-ghetto-Rihanna with cute-latino-sensual-Shakira is obviously not a good match, at least not in this song. Sorry, girls, better luck next time.

Kylie Minogue announces new single Into The Blue

Australian dance queen Kylie Minogue has announced a new single! After a long wait since her last studio album Aphrodite, Kylie is starting 2014 with some big news. Her 1st single off her upcoming 12th album will be called Into The Blue, and it will be released on March 16.
The video for the new single is also in the works, as Kylie recently tweeted a picture from the video shoot, showing the singer walking down the street. The pic is giving me some Red Blooded Woman vibes, which is an awesome video, so hopefully I'm not wrong on this one.

After her previous album Aphrodite and its singles (All The Lovers, Get Outta My Way and Better Than Today) did not perform so well, Kylie definitely needs a new hit to get back into the game! Let's hope the new single will be just that, and chances are she'll perform it at the UK version of The Voice, where she is now one of the mentors. Until Into The Blue is released, enjoy this gem from Kylie's large collection of hits.

Just love away in 2014!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year, filled with lots of love and happiness and good music! Hopefully we'll have some great new songs and albums this year that will entertain us and take our minds off our everyday problems. 
Let's start 2014 with a lovely tune by Capital Cities, because this is what we should be doing all year long - just love away :)