J.Lo - A.K.A.: Album Review

The review of A.K.A., (weirdly titled) new album by Jeniffer Lopez, will be shorter than usual, and here it is:

Seriously, J.Lo's career (what's left of it) and the whole music industry could've done without this so-called album. You know there's no sugarcoating here, I always tell it like it is, and I'll do it once again: We all know that J.Lo's albums have declined in quality since her first 2 albums (which are the only ones worth listening to, besides her Spanish album Como Ama Una Mujer). Still, A.K.A. is such a waste of time, it's incredible. There are either boring, pointless mid-tempos/ballads or awful urban collaborations (of which there are too many).

A single song is stuck in my head and is worth mentioning - Expertease (Ready Set Go) (only on the deluxe edition), so if you have nothing better to do, go play it, it's cool.

O-Town - Forgotten Boyband Returns after 10 Years with Skydive

If you were into boybands in the early '00s, you may remember O-Town, the short-lived boyband that was formed in the TV show Making The Band. Their debut single Liquid Dreams was a success, but their biggest hit was All Or Nothing, an amazing ballad you should listen to if you haven't. 

After their 2nd album underperformed, the guys were quickly given the boot and the O-Town story ended. They never reached the same level of success as N'Sync or Backstreet Boys, but they did have some good songs... Anyway, after splitting up, they pretty much stayed on the low, if you're not counting the incessant shirtless Instagram pics of Ashley Parker Angel (aka the Blond One).

Well, after announcing thier possible reunion for about 2 years, they finally did it (surprisingly), although this time it was obviously not "all or nothing", since the group only has 4 members now (that's the way it goes in the boyband world. Am I right, Westlife, BSB, and pretty much any other boyband?) Since Ashley refused to rejoin the group, the other guys decided to try again, and why not? It's not like they have a legacy to ruin, so they might as well give it another try. Plus, they still look young and fit to be called a boyband. Here's O-Town now (Trevor Penick, Eric-Michael Estrada, Jacob Underwood, Dan Miller):

The guys' new song is called Skydive and it's a rather good, powerful ballad. Nothing that will set the charts alight, but it's worth a listen. Hopefully there are better songs on their album Lines & Circles (whatever that means), which will be out August 3.

All they need now is a fanbase name (or maybe first they need a fanbase) and they're all set!

Cheryl Cole vs. Nicole Scherzy - Is There Life After Girl Groups?

Two UK-based singers are about to have a showdown with their new singles - Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole. It's not gonna be a typical showdown as in 'whose song will be more successful?' but rather 'whose song will flop less?'

Cheryl has released the 1st single from her upcoming (4th!) album, and the song is called Crazy Stupid Love, featuring Tinie Tempah. You're probably surprised this will be her 4th album 'cuz you can only remeber 2-3 of her hits, right? That's because she doesn't have more. Each of her solo albums got progressively worse and had 2-3 singles, most of which flopped. The new song continues that tradition. It's an awful song that sounds as if it was thrown together in 2 minutes. Tinie Tempah's part is probably the worst part of the song, with lyrics such as 'My tongue wagging when you wiggle, I'll end up kissing you with or without the mistle.'
A piece of advice for Cheryl: Go back to Xenomania (who produced most of Girls Aloud albums) and beg them to give you any song, because even the worst GA songs are better than your best songs.

Former PCD member (and the only one we can remember, right?) Nicole Scherzinger also has a new single, Your Love. It's not just the name that's boring, everything else about the song is boring as well. After her half-successful first solo album Killer Love (half of it was good and half of it was bad, it was a success in the UK and a flop in the USA), and a flop single Boomerang, Nicole is set to continue her massive floppage with this new single. It includes cringeworthy lyrics such as:
'Yeah my body's like Bugatti' (obviouly copying Britney's Work Bitch)
'MC Hammer girls can't touch this' and
'Knock me out like Michael Tyson'.
A piece of advice for Nicole: Go back to whoever produced PCD songs and beg them to give you any song, because even the worst PCD songs are better than your best songs.

Nicole and Cheryl are obvious examples of how bad you can flop after a successful career in a popular girl group. It's not because they don't try - they're promoting and performing, making music videos, etc. It's just that their songs basically suck (sad truth). Girls, #dobetta

Sophie Ellis Bextor Has a New Creepy Video for 'Love Is A Camera'

"Run run away from the house on the hill
there's a witch in the house and she's living there still"

After releasing probably the best album of 2014, Wanderlust, Sophie Ellis-Bextor has just released the 3rd video off this amazing album. After Young Blood and Runaway Daydreamer, which were visually nice but boring, the new video is much better. The new video is for one of the best songs on the album, Love Is A Camera, which is a spooky song about a witch that lures people into her house, takes photos of them and steals their souls. The unlucky victims then keep on living as black and white photos on her walls.

The video is everything you could possible want it to be. It fits perfectly with the atmosphere and the storyline of the song, it's set in the past and is creepy as fuck. Sophie plays a badass Victorian-era witch, all dressed in black (although she plays a double role, as you'll see).
After this amazing video, the next one should definitely be made for 13 Little Dolls, another super creepy song you'll be having nightmares about. Other basic pop bitches, watch and learn how it's done!

The Pierces release ANOTHER (even more awesome) video for Kings!

The amazing sisters Alison and Catherine, aka The Pierces, have just released another video for their new single Kings. The new video was shot in some desert ambient and shows the sisters as leaders of two opposing druid-like tribes. Alison, leading the black tribe, and Catherine, leading the white tribe, prepare their weapons and go into battle for a crown. By the way, the crown is magically levitating and circling in the middle of the desert. The battle ends with an unexpected twist, which you'll see if you watch the video!

The Pierces are currently promoting their music all over the UK. They have performed Kings at Paul O'Grady Show and are also starting their mini UK tour, so those of you lucky enough to live there can go and see them live! Also, they postponed the release of their new album Creation from June 2 to September 1 (f#*k!!!). Still, we can enjoy this amazing video, as well as the one for Believe In Me, which they released a while ago. Here are the girls performing (amazingly) at Paul O'Grady Show.

Anastacia - Resurrection: Album Review

Yes, we've been waiting for so long for Anastacia to come back with a new album, but did the wait pay off? Well, that depends on what music you're into. If you're a fan of pop Anastacia (Paid My Dues) or pop-rock Anastacia (Left Outside Alone), you might be disappointed with her new album Resurrection. It's full of similar-sounding piano ballads and none of them really stand out. The album does have some great songs here and there. Therefore, here's a review of the few songs you should listen to.

This cool pop-rock song is the 1st single and it's definitely the best song on the album. It's upbeat and positive, with some amazing hooks. Also, the video is pretty cool. SLT actually sounds a lot like Left Outside Alone, which is a good thing. For all the basic and boring performers, here's a lesson on how to perform:

The 1st song on the album is also very good! It starts as a piano ballad but picks up the pace in the chorus. It's got a lot of potential to be a hit, so hopefully Anastacia will choose it as next single!

Pendulum: 4/5
Who knew you could repeat the word "pendulum" over and over and make a good chorus out of it? Yeah, Anastacia did it in this song. Pendulum is a cute ballad that could fit on her 1st or 2nd album, alongside You'll Never Be Alone.

Other Side Of Crazy: 4/5
"You got me screamin' like a little bitch, bitch let me tell you who you're messin' with!" This is how this song actually starts and it goes on in the same style throughout the whole duration. It's the quirkiest song on the album and more songs like this should've been included. Unfortunately, it's only a bonus track on the iTunes edition.

Left Outside Alone pt.2: 5/5
Anastacia's biggest hit has been reworked on this album as a ballad. If you're thinking the song is already perfect (which it is) and it shouldn't be messed with, you're wrong. The ballad version sounds just as amazing as the original! This one is also a bonus track.

Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once: Track-By-Track Review

"If I set you free
and you actually came back to me..."

Finally, it's time for the review of KYLIE MINOGUE'S latest album 'KISS ME ONCE'. After the amazing Aphrodite (which surprisingly didn't do so well), any album would be underwhelming, and Kiss Me Once is definitely that. It has some good songs, but few that scream 'mega-hit'. Let's do something different here and rank the songs based on how good they are:

8. Les Sex - this unusually titled song may not be your best source for learning French ("les hand on les leg"), but it's amazing and the most obvious hit here. It's so good and should definitely be chosen as a single. (5/5)
2. Million Miles - Now we're talking! This song is typical Kylie and sounds like it came straight out of her Fever album. It has a very catchy chorus that could be a smash on the radio. (5/5)
7. If Only - here's a song that would fit perfectly on Body Language, next to Chocolate and Loving Days. This is a lovely mid-tempo with probably the best lyrics on this album. Definitely check it out! (5/5)
3. I Was Gonna Cancel - produced by Pharrell Williams, this song is not typical for Kylie. It has an RnB sound and would fit better on Body Language. The instrumental is a bit repetitive but the lyrics are inspiring, so check it out. Also, this is the 2nd single, so expect a video soon! (5/5)

4. Sexy Love - another typical Kylie song with a summery sound. It has a lot of catchy bits ("you look so sexy, so sexy in my bed") so it could become one of fan favorites. (4.5/5)
9. Kiss Me Once - the title song sounds a bit like old school Kylie. It has a great chorus, although Kylie's voice in it sounds a little nasal. (4.5/5)
5. Sexercise - this song was written by Sia and Kylie promoted the hell out of it. She made a steamy video that got many people bothered, and even created a website for it! People usually either love or hate this song, but I'm somewhere in the middle. (4/5)
13. Sleeping With The Enemy - one of the rare ballads and also a bonus track. It's very haunting but nothing special. Still, check it out. (3.5/5)

1. Into The Blue - Kylie has a habit of sometimes choosing weaker tracks as lead singles (2 Hearts, Slow) and she did the same here. This is a pretty safe song that shouldn't have been a single at all. (3/5)
10. Beautiful (feat. Enrique Iglesias) - Enrique's and Kylie's voices blend perfectly together, so they should definitely do more duets. However, they should perhaps be more exciting than this song. Not saying that Beautiful isn't good, but you're likely to get bored of it after a few listens. (3/5)
6. Feels So Good - this is probably the most forgettable song on the album. You'll likely to listen to it once and then skip it. It's another mid-tempo song that just leads nowhere. (2/5)
11. Fine - this is another filler that you're probably going to skip. Absolutely nothing special about this song. (2/5)
12. Mr. President - an unusual electro-pop song that sounds like Kylie's recently released song Skirt. It's just a bonus track and it's better that it didn't make the album. (2/5)

If you're a fan of Kylie or pop music in general, you're probably gonna like the album, especially songs like Sexy Love and Million Miles. Still, it's definitely not among Kylie's best albums.

Although, she can definitely still put on a show and make you love a song even more:

Mariah Carey - The Elusive Chanteuse & Her Crazy Album Titles

Ok, I know I said the next post was gonna be the review of Kylie's latest album, but whatever. Did you know that one of pop music's biggest divas is about to release a new album? Yep, Mariah Carey's new album is coming out May 27 and she named it... brace yourselves: 'Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse'.
Nope, this is not a joke. If you've ever watched Mariah giving an interview, you're probably familiar with her antics and craziness, but this title is too weird even for her standards. The tracklist is not much better and it contains song titles such as: 
"Supernatural" (ft. "Dembabies" a.k.a. Ms. Monroe & Mr. Moroccan Scott Cannon a.k.a. Roc 'N Roe) - how many people is this?
"Money ($ * / ...)" (ft. Fabolous)
"Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can't Give Up Now)" - one song title? why not 3?
"The Art of Letting Go"
"Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse" - but of course.

In the honor of Mariah's new album, let's do something fun and rank all of her album titles based on how weird they are!

9. Mariah Carey

Ok, this was her first album, she wasn't so weird and outrageous back then (I think so), and the album was simply named after her. Every artist does it once in their career.

8. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas II You 
Again, nothing special... She recorded two Christmas albums, and surprisingly didn't name them 'Carey Christmas and a Happy New Mariah' or something like that.

7. Daydream, Butterfly, Rainbow
This was a period of Mariah's life when she was obviously getting high out in the meadows, chasing butterflies and sleeping on the grass.

6. Music Box, Glitter, Charmbracelet
Also, she would often break into little girls' rooms and whatever item she saw first, she would name her albums after it. How else can you explain these three?

5. Emotions 
Wow, this is very deep, Mariah. Because what else could you be singing about than your emotions? This is a bit better than Madonna's album 'Music'.

4. The Emancipation of Mimi 
Mariah decided to use her personal nickname Mimi in this album title, because it's probably like a term of endearment for her (Britney fans will get this). However, the title doesn't sound personal, it sounds fake and weird.

3. E=MC² 
Mariah is very lucky when it comes to her initials. MC can stand for many things -  Merry Christmas (as we've seen), MC as in a musician, Mississippi College, etc. But we never would've thought she'd recognize herself in the formula E=MC2. Such ingenuity!

2. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
Continuing with the personal theme, after Emancipation comes the 'Memoires' of Mariah, aka Mimi, aka Merry Chistmas, aka Imperfect Angel.

1. Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse

And finally, the masterpiece of album titles is the latest album of this woman with so many identities. She is no longer E=MC2, she is now the Elusive Chanteuse. Ohhh, this is what E in that formula stands for, elusive!

Christopher - Told You So: Track-By-Track Review

Danish pop star Christopher has released his 2nd album Told You So, and after his great debut Colors, we had to check this one out, too. First of all, let's start with the cover: I don't know why he insists on black and white album covers, but whatever. He definitely looked better with short, straight hair, but I guess he wanted to go for the more mature style this time. The album has only 10 songs, so here they are:

1. Told You So: the title song and the 1st single is not really a good way to start the album. Everything about it sounds too much like Justin Timberlake's Like I Love You - the music, his voice, the video... Totally unoriginal and generic (2/5)
2. Crazy: this is the 2nd single, and again, not the best choice for a single. Christopher definitely lost his identity in this song, which sounds like a mix of Ne-Yo and Jay Sean. The video starts out boring and then turns weird with a sudden cut to a shower scene, which is completely out of place. (3/5)
3. Doctor: things are starting to pick up here. Although this song also sounds like he's copying someone else's style, it's much better than the first two. If you like 90s pop/rnb, this is the song for you. (4/5)
4. Remind You: this is the first ballad on the album and it's a really good song. Christopher stays true to his style and voice, and doesn't sound as if he's copying someone. (5/5)
5. Nympho: one of the best songs on the album. Nympho starts with a dramatic intro and later picks up in an even more dramatic chorus. The lyrics are unnecessarily sexed-up and generic, but that doesn't ruin the song. (5/5)
6. Go Find A Man: at first this one sounds like a totally average song, but it turns out quite catchy. It has a great chorus and instrumental, so definitely check this one out. (4/5)
7. Mama: I don't really know what to say about this one. It didn't leave any impression on me, except that it sounds like another JT song. Totally forgettable. (2/5)
8. High On Life: another great song that reminds me of the amazing Armin Van Buuren's This Is What It Feels Like. This is the kind of music Christopher should be making. (5/5)
9. Little Sunshine: this song is the closest to the sound on his previous album, which is a good thing. It's an uplifting, acoustic song and Christopher sounds great in it. Deserves to be a single. (5/5)
10. Waterfall: the real gem of the album is waiting at the end in the form of this beautiful, Oriental-style ballad. It's a simple song without much instruments, but with some lovely lyrics. Possibly the best song on the album. (5/5)

Overall, it's a pretty good album, but with some faults. Unlike his first album, Colors, which perhaps had too many ballads, Told You So actually excels in ballads. Waterfall and Little Sunshine are some of the best songs on it. What's obvious is that Christopher went for a more mature image but lost some of his unique style and ended up sounding like other singers. This is most obvious in songs like Mama and Told You So, which actually sound as if Christopher paid Justin Timberlake to sing the songs for him. It's a mixed bag of songs, but it's definitely worth a listen, especially the 2nd half of the album.

UP NEXT: Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once: Track-By-Track Review

Oh Land treats us with a Cherry On Top

And the award for the most inspiring video of the year goes to... Cherry On Top by Oh Land.

By exploring her wishes in her latest album Wish Bone, Danish pop princess Oh Land has reached new heights in the 4th video from the album, becoming a muse of dance and music. This is the impression you will certainly have when you watch this video.
A boy wants to become a ballet dancer, and Oh Land is there to help him, guide and inspire him, and finally just have some childish fun with him. This is a video for all ages, inspiring for everyone, and the beautiful song that goes along with it completes the experience.
If you want to cheer someone up, just share this video with them, it will certainly make their day.

Girls in Pop: Anastacia, Kylie, Sophie, Shakira

Female pop stars are very active these days, releasing new videos and albums all the time. Surprisingly, today's list includes all the pop veterans, singers that have been on the scene for many years. Let's kick things off with a diva who used to top the charts at the start of this century.

Anastacia - Stupid Little Things

Yeah, Anastacia is finally back! After winning another battle against cancer, and a recent album of covers, she's back with a new single Stupid Little Things. The song brings her back to the pop-rock sound of her 3rd album 'Anastacia' and is similar to one of her biggest hits, Left Outside Alone. It's an empowering, very catchy song with a great chorus. The video is also nice, although not very innovative. It's basically just Anastacia walking through a dessert, a city and a train. She looks great, though, so that's a plus. The new album, Ressurection, will be out May 6! (5/5)

Shakira - Empire

After a disappointing new album 'Shakira.' and mediocre lead single with Rihanna, Can't Remember To Forget You, Shakira is giving it another try with the 2nd single, Empire. This is a ballad that you might like if you watch the video. Otherwise, you're probably gonna think it's another filler. Lyrics are too corny ("stars make love to the universe") and there's no real chorus, just some weird voice effects. On the other hand, the video is beautiful, so watch it for sure! (2/5)

Kylie Minogue - Sexercise

Kylie also hasn't had much success with her latest album, Into The Blue, but she definitely caused a lot of controversy with the new video for Sexercise. The song itself is not really anything special, although that style is currently popular, so it might get a positive reaction. But the video - OMG! She sexerices with a bunch of other hot women, in (needless to say) provocative outfits and poses. The video is one wet shirt away from being lesbo porn. At least Kylie looks amazing. P.S. This won't be the 2nd single. Instead, the next single is gonna be I Was Gonna Cancel - lyric video HERE. (3/5)

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Runaway Daydreamer

After releasing the best album of the year, Wanderlust, Sophie-Ellis Bextor has released another single from it, Runaway Daydreamer. The songs sounds exactly like its title does - it's a mellow song perfect for daydreaming or walking through a meadow in springtime. I'm not really sure why she chose this one as the 2nd single since there are much better songs on the album. Sophie, if you're reading this, 13 Little Dolls has to be next! The video is basically Young Blood video pt.2, with the same scenes as in that video. (4/5)

Who else loves Rixton? 'Me & My Broken Heart' EP review

If you're not listening to Rixton by now, you should be ashamed of yourselves. These four British lads are just starting their musical journey and they might be the new McFly. (Lawson's music is not that good, so they're out, while McFly are too busy hanging out with Busted and taking pics.) So Rixton, welcome!

The boys have released their 1st EP called 'Me And My Broken Heart', which is also the name of their new single. Check it out below!

First of all, how great is that song? It's so catchy it'll stay in your head after just one listen. I know, the video is a bit confusing, but at least it's not cringeworthy like their Make Out video (let's not even go there). So there's the 4 band members, 4 girls who are all con artists, some gambling, 4 (I guess) bags with real and/or fake money and a surprise twist in the end. Who doesn't love a video like that?

Now let's move on to their EP, Me And My Broken Heart, which features 3 more songs besides the title one.
1. We All Want The Same Thing - the 1st song is not really the best representative of their sound since others are much more acoustic and less dancey. Still, it's a great, catchy song, perfect for dancing in a club. (5/5)
2. Hotel Ceiling - this one is a very good ballad with that typical British pop style (McFly, Ed Sheeran...). This could definitely be a contender for a single, with its memorable chorus and stripped back, acoustic sound. (4.5/5)
3. Me And My Broken Heart - we've already established how good this song is. It's a perfect song for putting the band on the map and have everyone head bopping to it. (5/5)
4. Appreciated - slowing things down again, this cool, acoustic ballad has it all: whistles, acoustic guitars and a great melody. Both the chorus and the verses stand out in their own ways, and Jake's (lead singer) voice sounds amazing in this song. (5/5)

BTW, how much does Jake look like Tom from McFly in this video?

New music videos you can't miss!

Another music mix is here, because there's so many new songs and vids out there right now, so why not put them all in the same post. 2014 has started off very busy, with many artists preparing their new singles and albums.

One of them is the Belgian pop sensation Milow, whose new album Silver Linings is coming out March 31 (check out the album cover above!). He just released a video for a new song from the new album, and it's called Echoes In The Dark. The song is a beautiful, captivating ballad, with a magical, relaxing sound. Its video is just a girl diving through water. Simple, but somehow fits the mood of the song well. Also, get ready for the video for We Must Be Crazy, which has been shot and is to be released soon!

Next up - The Pierces! The two sisters are not stopping with promoting their upcoming album (Creation, out June 2). Just a few weeks after releasing the video for Kings, they have now released another video, for a brand new song Believe In Me. The song is more chill compared to Kings, and it's perfect for listening while driving your car. The chorus is very catchy, with a cool summery vibe. The video is basically Kings pt.2, but it also features two young girls, who are probably supposed to be the younger version of The Pierces.

Finally, we come to a short, but sweet new revelation. Some good Samaritan has been so kind to release a snippet of a demo recorded by Britney Spears, for a song called Vertigo. If you've been following this blog, you'll know that another Britney demo leaked recently, for a song called Unbroken. It's obviously Christmas time for all the Britney fans out there! Although the new demo is not full, but just a 30 second snippet, we can clearly hear that the song is hot! Sounds a bit like something Kylie Minogue would do, and this style suits Britney very well. Hopefully the full song will leak soon.

Listen to new Britney Spears demo - Unbroken

Don't you just love it when some cool new song comes out completely announced and blows your mind? Thought so. This is one of those cases. A new demo by Britney Spears leaked just yesterday, it's called Unbroken and it was supposedly recorded for her Femme Fatale album. Now, that album was already packed with hits, but one more couldn't have hurt. Do you think Unbroken should've been included in the album? Would you maybe replace some song (cough-How I Roll-cough) with this one?

The demo isn't really HQ so maybe it's not even Britney singing it, but it sure sounds like her. Anyway, the song is definitely very catchy and in Britney style, so it would've fit in perfectly on Femme Fatale. Although, it has that old-school pop vibe, so maybe it would've sounded better on the Britney album, alongside Overprotected and Bombastic Love. Doesn't matter anyway, as long as we have a new Britney jam!

New Music Mix: J.Lo, Bastille, The Pierces & Kylie

Wow, so many new songs and videos coming out lately, who's gonna track them all down! Ok, we'll do it together. 
Let's start off with a brand new song by the one and only Jenny from the block. Same Girl is the name of J.Lo's new song, and it's basically Jenny From The Block pt.2 She's all about being the 'same girl' as before, down to earth, hangin' out with her people from the Bronx. The song is actually good (although not even close to being catchy as Jenny From The Block), and the video is a welcome change from her recent sexed-up videos of her endless collabs with Pitbull. If she had released this song/video in 2002, it would've probably been a smash, but now... We'll have to wait and see.

Next up on our list is the new Bastille video for Flaws. This is definitely one of the rare weak tracks on their album Bad Blood, but they keep insisting on it. After releasing it in the UK, re-releasing it with the 2nd video, they are now re-re-releasing it (for the US market) with a 3rd video! If they keep up they're gonna beat Beyonce in the amount of videos. Basically, the new video is just tour footage (see it here), so instead here's the previous video :)

Moving on - I've written lots about Kylie Minogue lately, cause she's been busy as hell. Well, she also has a new video, for her latest single Into The Blue, from the upcoming album Kiss Me Once. The album is out in March and the video is right here below. It's a nice video visually, but a bit boring as there's no storyline, choreography, etc. She definitely could've done better for her comeback.

And finally, the enchanting sisters, The Pierces, have released another song, Believe In Me. The song is taken from their upcoming album Creation (out June 2), and it follows the first single Kings. It's quite similar to Kings when it comes to production, but it's more stompy and less upbeat. Anyway, it's another beautiful song in their collection, with a chorus you'll definitely be singing along to.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor 'Wanderlust': track-by-track review

"It's real love, and here inside my heart it's crystallized,
like it's framed in time and never tainted..."

In this track-by-track review it's time for Wanderlust - the latest, most ambitious effort of UK pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor. This is an album that sees Sophie experimenting with her sound, exploring genres that she never did before. It's much different than her previous, dance pop albums. Most of the songs on Wanderlust are ballads with live instruments. It's a very poetic album, which can be seen in the song titles as well.
1. Birth Of An Empire - The opening track is a haunting ballad that is a perfect start to the album. It features string instruments, great choir-like backing vocals, and of course, beautiful vocals by Sophie. (5/5)
2. Until The Start Collide - This song is like part 2 of the previous one, they go very well together. Also, it has some of my favorite lyrics off this album: "It's not over just because we said goodbye. I'll wait until the stars collide." (4/5)
3. Runaway Daydreamer - Another lovely, mellow song that you can relax to. It has a summery feel and sounds like something that would be used in a musical. (3/5)
4. The Deer & The Wolf - The album briefly picks up the pace in this song. This is a catchy tune, similar to the previous one but a bit faster. It explores the well-known 'opposites attract' theme, but in an unusual way. (5/5)
5. Young Blood - This song was chosen as the album's 1st single for a reason. It's a luxurious ballad with beautiful lyrics and it will probably be stuck in your head after just one listen. (5/5)
6.  Interlude - Another dreamy, lyrical ballad. It doesn't really stand out among the other, much better songs. Also, it's very short at just 2.23. (2/5)
7. 13 Little Dolls - Here we have another highlight. This is the only real uptempo song on the album and it is captivating from the first second. It has very interesting and creepy lyrics, so be sure you don't miss this one! (5/5)
8. Wrong Side Of The Sun - A piano ballad very similar to the first 2 songs, so if you liked those, you'll like this one as well. (5/5)
9. Love Is A Camera - One of my favorite songs on the album. It has somewhat creepy lyrics and a very beautiful chorus ("Love is a camera full of memories..."). This song would be perfect for a Tim Burton movie. (5/5)
10. Cry To The Beat Of The Band - This a powerful ballad, with strong beats and hand claps, unlike the previous ones. Just like 13 Little Dolls, this one stands out from the other songs. Definitely check it out! (5/5)
11. When The Storm Has Blown Over - This one is like Interlude pt.2 - it's a very stripped back ballad, a fitting ending for the album. However, it's one of the weaker songs. (2/5)

Sophie took a risk with Wanderlust, and it has definitely paid off. The result is a very well-put, beautifully sounding album. You can listen to it from beginning to the end as if it were one long song. If you were expecting something like her earlier stuff, you'll be very surprised. I definitely recommend it to all the music lovers!

5 Weirdest Lyrics in Pop Music

We all know pop music is not really known for its groundbreaking lyrics. Many pop songs are just feelgood, catchy songs that are mainly about the melody and hooks. And that's why we love them! But sometimes, there are some weird ass lyrics that really make us wonder how the hell did they get approved?! Here are 5 of them right now.

5. Alesha Dixon - Mystery

Mystery is definitely the weirdest Alesha song ever (from her album The Alesha Show). The whole song is full of random lyrics that Alesha sings/raps very quickly, making it hard to understand what she's singing about. Here's a part of the lyrics:

At first I was sippin' the tea
Then I was sittin' on the coast of Spain
Hey, then, then I was all confused
No, I didn't know where I was
Might as well be a fairytale
So I picked I would be in Oz.

However, the weirdest part comes in the second verse where I guess she runs out of things to say, so she has to improvise:

Everybody gonna rock n' roll
We're pullin' like a mad lever, out of control

You can listen to that part at 1.22 in the video.

4. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

You all know this one very well, I don't even have to say anything. Just this photo from a chemistry class:

Source: Reddit

3. Kylie Minogue - Speakerphone

Kylie Minogue is usually the best at dance songs that are all about going to the club, dancing and letting it go. Speakerphone (from her album X) is one of such songs. However, in the middle of the song she decides it's time to stop dancing and she gives us a lecture about human skeletal system (0.50):

To your head bone
Temple bone
Through your jaw bone
To your neck bone
Collar bone
let it go on
To your back bone
Moving on
Through your hip bone

I think she may have missed some bones, maybe she's planning Speakerphone pt.2 on her next album.

2. Britney Spears ft. Sabi - (Drop Dead) Beautiful

On her Femme Fatale album, Britney did a song with Sabi (You're asking 'who?' - No idea.) Well, the result was a song that fans either loved or hated. If they hated it, it was mostly because of Sabi's part, which is just weird. Here's the critical point (2.27):

Got me kinda hot
But, I ain't sweatin' you
Steamin' like a pot full of vegetables

I mean, really? Who on Earth thought this was a good idea? Why did Britney and Sabi agree to put this in a song?

1. Janet Jackson - Feedback

Ok, this song had to be #1 because its lyrics are not just weird, they're totally gross. Janet released Feedback as the 1st single off Discipline, and it's a great song with a smashing video. But - one part of the song sticks out for all the wrong reasons (2.36):

Cause my swag is serious
Something heavy like a first day period

Again - why? 'Period' doesn't even rhyme with 'serious'... She should've used Alesha's and Gaga's technique and just blurted out some gibberish.
What are some other freaky lyrics? Let me know, cuz I wanna hear them!

Get ready for Kylie Minogue's sexiest album yet - Kiss Me Once tracklist!

Let's sexercise!

Get a load of this! If you were thinking Kylie Minogue has lost her edge or was gonna tone her image down, well, not gonna happen! She's not here for standing in one place, all covered up, singing ballads about long lost loves. With a new album, Kiss Me Once, ready to hit iTunes' digital shelves soon, Kylie is sexing it up again. Check out the fantastic album tracklist below:

1. Into The Blue
2. Million Miles
3. I Was Gonna Cancel
4. Sexy Love
5. Sexercize
6. Feels So Good
7. If Only
8. Les Sex
9. Kiss Me Once
10. Beautiful
11. Fine
12. Mr President (bonus track)
13. Sleeping With The Enemy (bonus track)

When an album contains such song titles as Les Sex (is that French? I'm not sure...), Sleeping With The Enemy and Sexercise, it cannot fail! Although my favorite title is I Was Gonna Cancel (I smell a big hit!). You can already preorder the album from iTunes, but its official release date seems to be March 18, judging by its iTunes page. That's a little more than a month to go, so we'll just have to listen to the 1st single Into The Blue (whose cover art you can see above) until we get our hands (and ears) on all the 13 songs.

The Pierces release video for Kings and announce album name

"If we want to, we could do what kings do,
I could feel the earth move when you speak."

Folk-pop duo The Pierces are now officially back on the map with a new single and a music video! No, it's not Royals (thank God!), but something much better. Their new song is called Kings and is a perfect 1st single for their upcoming album. The sound is not as acoustic as their previous stuff, but that doesn't stop the song from being amazing. Catherine sings most of it, with Allison joining in the chorus and some background vocals. The sisters sound great as always and there is something mystical about their voices that just fits perfectly with the video...

"We are half the blood of angels
and we fell from the same star..."

The video is a real visual treat and very unusally done. It consists of many still images as well as video clips. Also, it's full of night/space imagery - moons, planets and stars - and some night animals like wolves and owls. It's kinda similar to their We Are Stars video, just updated. This is probably the best example of how you can do a low-budget video and still make it look fresh, elegant and interesting. Plus, the girls are looking amazing as usual.

And as if all of this isn't enough, the sisters have also announced the details about their new album: it has a very cool name

and is out June 2! Yeah, it's a long wait, but at least we have Kings to listen to until it's released. Plus, it's 4 months until Creation is released, so I'm sure there will be another single/video by then. What can I say, great job, The Pierces. Now hurry up and finish that amazing follow up to You & I!