Anastacia - Resurrection: Album Review

Yes, we've been waiting for so long for Anastacia to come back with a new album, but did the wait pay off? Well, that depends on what music you're into. If you're a fan of pop Anastacia (Paid My Dues) or pop-rock Anastacia (Left Outside Alone), you might be disappointed with her new album Resurrection. It's full of similar-sounding piano ballads and none of them really stand out. The album does have some great songs here and there. Therefore, here's a review of the few songs you should listen to.

This cool pop-rock song is the 1st single and it's definitely the best song on the album. It's upbeat and positive, with some amazing hooks. Also, the video is pretty cool. SLT actually sounds a lot like Left Outside Alone, which is a good thing. For all the basic and boring performers, here's a lesson on how to perform:

The 1st song on the album is also very good! It starts as a piano ballad but picks up the pace in the chorus. It's got a lot of potential to be a hit, so hopefully Anastacia will choose it as next single!

Pendulum: 4/5
Who knew you could repeat the word "pendulum" over and over and make a good chorus out of it? Yeah, Anastacia did it in this song. Pendulum is a cute ballad that could fit on her 1st or 2nd album, alongside You'll Never Be Alone.

Other Side Of Crazy: 4/5
"You got me screamin' like a little bitch, bitch let me tell you who you're messin' with!" This is how this song actually starts and it goes on in the same style throughout the whole duration. It's the quirkiest song on the album and more songs like this should've been included. Unfortunately, it's only a bonus track on the iTunes edition.

Left Outside Alone pt.2: 5/5
Anastacia's biggest hit has been reworked on this album as a ballad. If you're thinking the song is already perfect (which it is) and it shouldn't be messed with, you're wrong. The ballad version sounds just as amazing as the original! This one is also a bonus track.

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