Katy Perry - 'Roar' full song leaks

For days (or weeks, wasn't really paying attention) Katy Perry has teased the audience with over-dramatic teasers, snippets and a cringeworthy single cover, killing and burying her past album (not really sure why, she wasn't complaining when she got all those no.1 hits). Now, her new single Roar from her new album Prism has finally leaked, a few days before its official release. You can listen to the song here:

It's a mid-tempo song with some generic lyrics about coming back stronger than ever, you know that stuff... At one point she even says "I've got the eye of the tiger"... Ummm, ok, if you say so. The song is definitely not what I would expect for a first single from her, and her 'roars' are not very convincing. Still, I'm sure her fans are gonna eat it up. What do you think about it? Flop or not? Do we have a new California Gurls on our hands?

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