Oh Land (feat. a power socket) - Wish Bone cover art

Lo and behold, the cover art for Oh Land's upcoming album Wish Bone has been released! Oh Land looks amazing (with a normal hair color :D) in a pose that is unusual to say the least. Other points of interest on the cover (that make us love it even more):
a) a cool font with bones
b) a great hat/crown that she must have stolen from El Dorado, and
c) a power socket on the wall that for some reason wasn't Photoshopped out :)

If the album turns out to be as good as the cover, it's gonna rock!

2 Responses to "Oh Land (feat. a power socket) - Wish Bone cover art"

  1. If you know Oh Land - you know it is on purpose the Power Socket is still there. And I can tell you that the album is AMAZING.

    1. I know! I'm posting my track-by-track review of it tomorrow! And thanks for commenting :)