O-Town - Forgotten Boyband Returns after 10 Years with Skydive

If you were into boybands in the early '00s, you may remember O-Town, the short-lived boyband that was formed in the TV show Making The Band. Their debut single Liquid Dreams was a success, but their biggest hit was All Or Nothing, an amazing ballad you should listen to if you haven't. 

After their 2nd album underperformed, the guys were quickly given the boot and the O-Town story ended. They never reached the same level of success as N'Sync or Backstreet Boys, but they did have some good songs... Anyway, after splitting up, they pretty much stayed on the low, if you're not counting the incessant shirtless Instagram pics of Ashley Parker Angel (aka the Blond One).

Well, after announcing thier possible reunion for about 2 years, they finally did it (surprisingly), although this time it was obviously not "all or nothing", since the group only has 4 members now (that's the way it goes in the boyband world. Am I right, Westlife, BSB, and pretty much any other boyband?) Since Ashley refused to rejoin the group, the other guys decided to try again, and why not? It's not like they have a legacy to ruin, so they might as well give it another try. Plus, they still look young and fit to be called a boyband. Here's O-Town now (Trevor Penick, Eric-Michael Estrada, Jacob Underwood, Dan Miller):

The guys' new song is called Skydive and it's a rather good, powerful ballad. Nothing that will set the charts alight, but it's worth a listen. Hopefully there are better songs on their album Lines & Circles (whatever that means), which will be out August 3.

All they need now is a fanbase name (or maybe first they need a fanbase) and they're all set!

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