Cheryl Cole vs. Nicole Scherzy - Is There Life After Girl Groups?

Two UK-based singers are about to have a showdown with their new singles - Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole. It's not gonna be a typical showdown as in 'whose song will be more successful?' but rather 'whose song will flop less?'

Cheryl has released the 1st single from her upcoming (4th!) album, and the song is called Crazy Stupid Love, featuring Tinie Tempah. You're probably surprised this will be her 4th album 'cuz you can only remeber 2-3 of her hits, right? That's because she doesn't have more. Each of her solo albums got progressively worse and had 2-3 singles, most of which flopped. The new song continues that tradition. It's an awful song that sounds as if it was thrown together in 2 minutes. Tinie Tempah's part is probably the worst part of the song, with lyrics such as 'My tongue wagging when you wiggle, I'll end up kissing you with or without the mistle.'
A piece of advice for Cheryl: Go back to Xenomania (who produced most of Girls Aloud albums) and beg them to give you any song, because even the worst GA songs are better than your best songs.

Former PCD member (and the only one we can remember, right?) Nicole Scherzinger also has a new single, Your Love. It's not just the name that's boring, everything else about the song is boring as well. After her half-successful first solo album Killer Love (half of it was good and half of it was bad, it was a success in the UK and a flop in the USA), and a flop single Boomerang, Nicole is set to continue her massive floppage with this new single. It includes cringeworthy lyrics such as:
'Yeah my body's like Bugatti' (obviouly copying Britney's Work Bitch)
'MC Hammer girls can't touch this' and
'Knock me out like Michael Tyson'.
A piece of advice for Nicole: Go back to whoever produced PCD songs and beg them to give you any song, because even the worst PCD songs are better than your best songs.

Nicole and Cheryl are obvious examples of how bad you can flop after a successful career in a popular girl group. It's not because they don't try - they're promoting and performing, making music videos, etc. It's just that their songs basically suck (sad truth). Girls, #dobetta

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