Sophie Ellis Bextor Has a New Creepy Video for 'Love Is A Camera'

"Run run away from the house on the hill
there's a witch in the house and she's living there still"

After releasing probably the best album of 2014, Wanderlust, Sophie Ellis-Bextor has just released the 3rd video off this amazing album. After Young Blood and Runaway Daydreamer, which were visually nice but boring, the new video is much better. The new video is for one of the best songs on the album, Love Is A Camera, which is a spooky song about a witch that lures people into her house, takes photos of them and steals their souls. The unlucky victims then keep on living as black and white photos on her walls.

The video is everything you could possible want it to be. It fits perfectly with the atmosphere and the storyline of the song, it's set in the past and is creepy as fuck. Sophie plays a badass Victorian-era witch, all dressed in black (although she plays a double role, as you'll see).
After this amazing video, the next one should definitely be made for 13 Little Dolls, another super creepy song you'll be having nightmares about. Other basic pop bitches, watch and learn how it's done!

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