Sophie Ellis-Bextor 'Wanderlust': track-by-track review

"It's real love, and here inside my heart it's crystallized,
like it's framed in time and never tainted..."

In this track-by-track review it's time for Wanderlust - the latest, most ambitious effort of UK pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor. This is an album that sees Sophie experimenting with her sound, exploring genres that she never did before. It's much different than her previous, dance pop albums. Most of the songs on Wanderlust are ballads with live instruments. It's a very poetic album, which can be seen in the song titles as well.
1. Birth Of An Empire - The opening track is a haunting ballad that is a perfect start to the album. It features string instruments, great choir-like backing vocals, and of course, beautiful vocals by Sophie. (5/5)
2. Until The Start Collide - This song is like part 2 of the previous one, they go very well together. Also, it has some of my favorite lyrics off this album: "It's not over just because we said goodbye. I'll wait until the stars collide." (4/5)
3. Runaway Daydreamer - Another lovely, mellow song that you can relax to. It has a summery feel and sounds like something that would be used in a musical. (3/5)
4. The Deer & The Wolf - The album briefly picks up the pace in this song. This is a catchy tune, similar to the previous one but a bit faster. It explores the well-known 'opposites attract' theme, but in an unusual way. (5/5)
5. Young Blood - This song was chosen as the album's 1st single for a reason. It's a luxurious ballad with beautiful lyrics and it will probably be stuck in your head after just one listen. (5/5)
6.  Interlude - Another dreamy, lyrical ballad. It doesn't really stand out among the other, much better songs. Also, it's very short at just 2.23. (2/5)
7. 13 Little Dolls - Here we have another highlight. This is the only real uptempo song on the album and it is captivating from the first second. It has very interesting and creepy lyrics, so be sure you don't miss this one! (5/5)
8. Wrong Side Of The Sun - A piano ballad very similar to the first 2 songs, so if you liked those, you'll like this one as well. (5/5)
9. Love Is A Camera - One of my favorite songs on the album. It has somewhat creepy lyrics and a very beautiful chorus ("Love is a camera full of memories..."). This song would be perfect for a Tim Burton movie. (5/5)
10. Cry To The Beat Of The Band - This a powerful ballad, with strong beats and hand claps, unlike the previous ones. Just like 13 Little Dolls, this one stands out from the other songs. Definitely check it out! (5/5)
11. When The Storm Has Blown Over - This one is like Interlude pt.2 - it's a very stripped back ballad, a fitting ending for the album. However, it's one of the weaker songs. (2/5)

Sophie took a risk with Wanderlust, and it has definitely paid off. The result is a very well-put, beautifully sounding album. You can listen to it from beginning to the end as if it were one long song. If you were expecting something like her earlier stuff, you'll be very surprised. I definitely recommend it to all the music lovers!

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