New Music Mix: J.Lo, Bastille, The Pierces & Kylie

Wow, so many new songs and videos coming out lately, who's gonna track them all down! Ok, we'll do it together. 
Let's start off with a brand new song by the one and only Jenny from the block. Same Girl is the name of J.Lo's new song, and it's basically Jenny From The Block pt.2 She's all about being the 'same girl' as before, down to earth, hangin' out with her people from the Bronx. The song is actually good (although not even close to being catchy as Jenny From The Block), and the video is a welcome change from her recent sexed-up videos of her endless collabs with Pitbull. If she had released this song/video in 2002, it would've probably been a smash, but now... We'll have to wait and see.

Next up on our list is the new Bastille video for Flaws. This is definitely one of the rare weak tracks on their album Bad Blood, but they keep insisting on it. After releasing it in the UK, re-releasing it with the 2nd video, they are now re-re-releasing it (for the US market) with a 3rd video! If they keep up they're gonna beat Beyonce in the amount of videos. Basically, the new video is just tour footage (see it here), so instead here's the previous video :)

Moving on - I've written lots about Kylie Minogue lately, cause she's been busy as hell. Well, she also has a new video, for her latest single Into The Blue, from the upcoming album Kiss Me Once. The album is out in March and the video is right here below. It's a nice video visually, but a bit boring as there's no storyline, choreography, etc. She definitely could've done better for her comeback.

And finally, the enchanting sisters, The Pierces, have released another song, Believe In Me. The song is taken from their upcoming album Creation (out June 2), and it follows the first single Kings. It's quite similar to Kings when it comes to production, but it's more stompy and less upbeat. Anyway, it's another beautiful song in their collection, with a chorus you'll definitely be singing along to.

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