Listen to new Britney Spears demo - Unbroken

Don't you just love it when some cool new song comes out completely announced and blows your mind? Thought so. This is one of those cases. A new demo by Britney Spears leaked just yesterday, it's called Unbroken and it was supposedly recorded for her Femme Fatale album. Now, that album was already packed with hits, but one more couldn't have hurt. Do you think Unbroken should've been included in the album? Would you maybe replace some song (cough-How I Roll-cough) with this one?

The demo isn't really HQ so maybe it's not even Britney singing it, but it sure sounds like her. Anyway, the song is definitely very catchy and in Britney style, so it would've fit in perfectly on Femme Fatale. Although, it has that old-school pop vibe, so maybe it would've sounded better on the Britney album, alongside Overprotected and Bombastic Love. Doesn't matter anyway, as long as we have a new Britney jam!

1 Response to "Listen to new Britney Spears demo - Unbroken"

  1. I will never understand why the songs like this never made it to the final cut