5 Weirdest Lyrics in Pop Music

We all know pop music is not really known for its groundbreaking lyrics. Many pop songs are just feelgood, catchy songs that are mainly about the melody and hooks. And that's why we love them! But sometimes, there are some weird ass lyrics that really make us wonder how the hell did they get approved?! Here are 5 of them right now.

5. Alesha Dixon - Mystery

Mystery is definitely the weirdest Alesha song ever (from her album The Alesha Show). The whole song is full of random lyrics that Alesha sings/raps very quickly, making it hard to understand what she's singing about. Here's a part of the lyrics:

At first I was sippin' the tea
Then I was sittin' on the coast of Spain
Hey, then, then I was all confused
No, I didn't know where I was
Might as well be a fairytale
So I picked I would be in Oz.

However, the weirdest part comes in the second verse where I guess she runs out of things to say, so she has to improvise:

Everybody gonna rock n' roll
We're pullin' like a mad lever, out of control

You can listen to that part at 1.22 in the video.

4. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

You all know this one very well, I don't even have to say anything. Just this photo from a chemistry class:

Source: Reddit

3. Kylie Minogue - Speakerphone

Kylie Minogue is usually the best at dance songs that are all about going to the club, dancing and letting it go. Speakerphone (from her album X) is one of such songs. However, in the middle of the song she decides it's time to stop dancing and she gives us a lecture about human skeletal system (0.50):

To your head bone
Temple bone
Through your jaw bone
To your neck bone
Collar bone
let it go on
To your back bone
Moving on
Through your hip bone

I think she may have missed some bones, maybe she's planning Speakerphone pt.2 on her next album.

2. Britney Spears ft. Sabi - (Drop Dead) Beautiful

On her Femme Fatale album, Britney did a song with Sabi (You're asking 'who?' - No idea.) Well, the result was a song that fans either loved or hated. If they hated it, it was mostly because of Sabi's part, which is just weird. Here's the critical point (2.27):

Got me kinda hot
But, I ain't sweatin' you
Steamin' like a pot full of vegetables

I mean, really? Who on Earth thought this was a good idea? Why did Britney and Sabi agree to put this in a song?

1. Janet Jackson - Feedback

Ok, this song had to be #1 because its lyrics are not just weird, they're totally gross. Janet released Feedback as the 1st single off Discipline, and it's a great song with a smashing video. But - one part of the song sticks out for all the wrong reasons (2.36):

Cause my swag is serious
Something heavy like a first day period

Again - why? 'Period' doesn't even rhyme with 'serious'... She should've used Alesha's and Gaga's technique and just blurted out some gibberish.
What are some other freaky lyrics? Let me know, cuz I wanna hear them!

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