Listen to snippets of Diana Vickers' new album 'Music To Make Boys Cry'

"I've always liked my romance bittersweet" says Diana Vickers on the title track of her upcoming album 'Music To Make Boys Cry', which is out this September. It will contain 10 songs and you can listen to previews of each song on Amazon. The title track has already leaked in full and it sounds great!

Judging by the tracklist, which has some interesting titles (Better in French, Lightning Strikes, Mr.Postman), the album should be fun. Besides, it's been a while since her previous album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree was released, and we're ready for new Diana music.

The album cover is a bit messy, as you can see above, with letters covering almost half the picture. Also, I don't get it why they chose that picture for the cover, it looks very random, like she wasn't even ready to get her picture taken... Anyway, here is the full tracklist for the new album:

1. 'Cinderella'
2. 'Music to Make Boys Cry'
3. 'Lightning Strikes'
4. 'Dead Heat'
5. 'Boy in Paris'
6. 'Better in French'
7. 'Mad at Me'
8. 'Smoke'
9. 'Blame Game'
10. 'Mr. Postman'

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