Backstreet Boys premiere new songs from 'In A World Like This'

Backstreet Boys have premiered more new songs from their upcoming album In A World Like This: One Phone Call, Trust Me and Soldier.

I'm not really crazy about this one, to be honest. The boys are still playing it safe, using the same sound that didn't brought them much success on their most recent albums. It's a mid-tempo-ish kinda song with no parts that actually stand out. It sounds like a filler from Black&Blue or their last 2 albums.

Trust Me is another average song in my opinion... I see why some people may like it though, it's cute and laid back, but nothing special.

Saving the best for last, Soldier is a bit similar to One Phone Call, but much better, with a great chorus that stays in your head after just 1-2 listens. This one should definitely be a single.

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