Backstreet Boys debut new video - In A World Like This!

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the new vid for the 1st single off Backstreet Boys' new album (also titled In A World Like This) is here. It's a sweet summer video that fits the vibe of the song and includes the guys in a field, next to some lovely trees, etc.

New things I noticed in this vid:

1. Obviously, Kevin. The boys are back together again for this album :)
2. They're playing guitars (Nick & Brian)
3. All the boys have a roughly equal number of lines (not like before when Howie & Kev mostly got left out)

There are also some scenes with people watching TV reports (moon landing, terrorist attacks, gay marriage), which kind of take up too much time and just drag on, but ok...

What can I say, nothing groundbreaking but worth a watch.

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