Backstreet Boys - In A World Like This: Track by track review

OK I am definitely positively surprised with the new BSB album. Almost all the tracks that have leaked prior to its release were boring so I wasn't expecting the album to be any good. But - there are some amazing songs on it. The album sounds like Unbreakable pt.2, and sure there are some filler tracks, but also some great songs. Let's start:

1. In A World Like This - I get it why this was chosen as the 1st single, it's a nice comeback song, catchy but nothing groundbreaking. (5/5)
2. Permanent Stain - I still can't get over the title, it's just gross (am I the only one thinking that?). The song is totally average, with a chorus that tries to be upbeat but doesn't really deliver. (3/5)
3. Breathe - I love the beginning of this song. In fact, the whole song is very nice, with some acoustic guitars and great lyrics (4/5)
4. Madeleine - This is a standout track for me. Again, acoustic guitars and a nice, slow rhythm - beautiful. (5/5)
5. Show 'Em (What Your Made Of) - The beginning of this one reminds me of some other song but I can't put my finger on which one. Anyway, another great ballad with a big chorus. (4/5)
6. Make Believe - My favorite song on the album, a powerful ballad that needs to be the next single. The boys sound amazing in it, I just can't at how amazing the song is! (5/5)
7. Try - A slow, relaxing song that doesn't really fit in on this album. Still, some may like it. (2/5)
8. Trust Me - Continuing in the same style, another acoustic ballad. There are much better songs here so you can skip this one. (2/5)
9. Love Somebody - Another forgettable song, sounds very much like Permanent Stain. (3/5)
10. One Phone Call - The verses are actually quite good (I like the part when they sing "I'm guilty as charged"), but the boring chorus ruins the song. (3/5)
11. Feels Like Home - Things are starting to pick up near the end of the album. A cool, upbeat song with some interesting lyrics. I definitely recommend this one! (5/5)
12. Soldier - Another great song with a very catchy chorus! (5/5)
13. Light On - And the most upbeat song has been saved for last - one of the best songs on the album, needs to be a single asap!  (5/5)

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