Katy Perry vs. Gaga: Who are you rooting for?

A new pop battle is upon as, as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga will release their new singles in August. Supposedly, Katy Perry will release the first single off her next album Prism next month, while Lady Gaga will also release her new single Applause, from her upcoming album ARTPOP on August 19.

Dr. Luke, who is the producer of Katy's new single (who else?), tweeted that the song starts with an 'R'. Like that is somehow important... (?). At least it doesn't start with a #.

In other ridiculous related news, Gaga has posted the single cover for Applause. It's this... thing here:

If you were expecting anything normal, you've been naive. So, whose song do you think/hope will be more successful/outrageous/ridiculous? Comment below or Gaga from this cover will come to haunt you in your dreams.

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