UK singles chart review: Avicii, 1D & co.

Well, dahlings, Simon Cowell and the X Factor are still a few months away, but that's no reason not to check out what's going on in the UK charts this week! I decided to do this column now because the no.1 spot is still held by Avicii and his song Wake Me Up, which I love! I never really paid attention to his music so I was surprised by how much I like this song. The lyric video is also great and inspiring, take a look if you haven't already:

No.2 are the One Direction boys with Best Song Ever (that's questionable at best).
No.3 is the inevitable Blurred Lines, skipping that one...
No.4 is John Newman with Love Me Again. I don't really like his voice so were skipping this one too, along with no.5 (Icona Pop - I Love It). (Who said I had to be unbiased? This is my blog.)
Naughty Boy and Sam Smith are no. 6 with La La La. This one has an interesting video, and the song is also worth a listen. Catchy!

No.7 is the beautiful Let Her Go by Passenger, which I already wrote about.
Still in the top 10 (obviously a miracle) is Bang Bang by at no.8, followed by the amazing Get Lucky (Daft Punk ft. Pharrell) and Come & Get It (Selena Gomez).

Which song do you think will be the best song ever (well, next week) at the charts? Also, why is there no video yet for Get Lucky? Am I missing something?...

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