Selena Gomez's new song leaks - Love Will Remember

So, in anticipation of Selena Gomez's new album Stars Dance, which is about to drop, a new song has leaked, and it's called Love Will Remember

There's a lot of commotion about the beginning of the song, since it's supposedly a (cringeworthy) voicemail love message to her by Justin Bieber himself, which I seriously doubt. I mean, come on! True, I have no idea what Justin sounds like when he talks (and barely an idea about him singing), but still I think it's far-fetched that it's him.

The song itself is nothing special imo. Selena isn't really good at ballads, and this is another proof (although Ghost Of You is great). After a few listens it sticks with you, but once the album comes out, this will probably be one of the songs you'll skip.

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