Matt Cardle and other vegetables...

A friend, who shall remain nameless for the purposes of hiding her identity, asked me to write about a new song by Matt Cardle (former X Factor UK winner) & Melanie C. Against my better judgment I decided to do it because I have nothing better to do. Here's the lyric vid and don't get your hopes up.

First of all, both the song and the vid are generic and forgettable. I'll admit I didn't even listen to the full thing (stopped about 2min. in). Second of all, if he wanted to revive his career, he should have chosen someone more current to duet with, but I guess no one wanted to... (Surprised he didn't make a song with Akon or Wyclef Jean.)

So, to avoid this thread being a total flop, here's a nice video of fun. performing their latest single Why Am I The One. Perfection in musical form :)

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