Jay Sean - Neon: Track by track review

And I was really looking forward to this album... I love Jay Sean's previous albums, especially My Own Way and All Or Nothing, so I thought this was gonna be another treat, but no. All of the songs are very similar, in the same mid-tempo beat and you probably won't remember any of them after the first listen. There's no big hits on this album, so don't expect anything like Down, I Won't Tell, War or Stay.

1. Neon - the album opener should really tell you everything about the album - quite generic and uninspired. (2/5)
2. Luckiest Man - sounds as if Jay is working with the same team doing the new Backstreet Boys' album. This one has some cheesy lyrics... (2/5)
3. Words - this one starts off good, kind of like All Or Nothing, but it doesn't reach its full potential, with another boring chorus. (3/5)
4. Where You Are - the 1st single of the album, the only track that stands out (although not at the same level as songs from his previous albums). Definitely listen to this one. (5/5)
5. Guns N Roses - same as most of the other songs, I don't wanna repeat myself... Feel free to skip it. (2/5)
6. Mars - 2nd single, no idea why it was chosen.  The record label people probably just closed their eyes and pointed at a random song. (2/5)
7. Miss Popular - this one reminds me of Jay's old sounds, which is why I like it, even though it doesn't really stand out. It's another mid-tempo, but worth a listen (3.5/5)
8. Close To You - has a bit of a different sound that the other songs, but still very forgettable. (2/5)
9. Deep End - verses are good, worth a listen. (3/5)
10. Worth It All - this one also sounds like something from All Or Nothing. The chorus is nice, also worth a listen. (3/5)
11. Passenger Side - copy/paste from Guns N Roses (2/5)
12. All On Your Body - I got my hopes up with this one because it starts good, but doesn't live up to expectations. Still, it has a lot of attitude so I can see why people may like it. (3/5)
13. Break Of Dawn - next, heard it already, skip, etc. (2/5)
14. Sucka For You - I hate it when they do this. This one also starts good, like it's finally gonna be an upbeat song, and then after the intro it turns into another boring mid-tempo song. Skip. (2/5)

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