Oh Land - My Boxer

Hmmm this is a weird one... I feel like I shouldn't like it but I do.

Danish singer Oh Land is back with a new song My Boxer, from her upcoming album Wish Bone (I'm loving the title), out in September. The song has a similar rhythm like her previous one, Renaissance Girls, but unlike that one, I really like My Boxer.

It's a weird song about a boxer that's living in her ears, with lyrics such as "I'm the film, he's the subtitles." She speaks the lyrics and hums throughout the song, but somewhere near the end she starts shouting and it becomes a bit creepy and I love it!

There's also a vid for the song that shows her driving a bike and just being cool, so take a look:

The best part comes at the end when the song stops and she just says - "Horrible."

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