Selena Gomez - Stars Dance album: Track by track review

It's finally here! Selena's new album has graced us with its presence (or whatever) and of course I had to do a track-by-track review of it. It's kind of a mixed bag, not as good as I had expected, but still it's above average. Let's kick it off (links are in the song titles):

1. Birthday - I cannot believe this song even made it to the album, let alone got the #1 spot. It's so incredibly annoying from the very 1st second, I just can't. (1/5)
2. Slow Down - the 2nd single and the 2nd song on the album is for me definitely the best one! Can't wait for the video. (5/5)
3. Stars Dance - a really interesting song with string instruments and some interesting lyrics. The chorus is beautiful and reminds me of elves from Lord of the Rings. (5/5)
4. Like a Champion - I have a feeling people will either love or hate this song. I love it. At first listen, the chorus was so ridiculous, but it's very catchy and now I just love the whole song and can't wait to go through the city listening to this on my earphones. (5/5)
5. Come & Get It - we all know this one, the amazing 1st single from this album and Selena's biggest hit so far. Amazing. (5/5)
6. Forget Forever - this song had leaked a while ago under the name Rule The World and I was not impressed. It's an average song that kinda has potential, but it's not her best. (3/5)
7. Save The Day - another great song, very catchy and upbeat. Definitely one of the best and I can see it being the next single. The pre-chorus and chorus are the best parts. (5/5)
8. B.E.A.T. - as of this song, the album goes downhill. This one is very repetitive and almost as annoying as Birthday, with some weird sound effects and random pauses in the middle of verses... I don't get it at all. (1/5)
9. Write Your Name - another average song and also very repetitive. The best part comes after the second chorus when she starts speaking. (3/5)
10. Undercover - a great song, kinda like Slow Down pt.2, but not as good. (4/5)
11. Love Will Remember - a nice ballad that leaked a few days ago. The chorus is great, definitely grows on you. (3/5)
12. Nobody Does It Like You - a forgettable, mid-tempo song. Definitely skip this one. (2/5)
13. Music Feels Better - this one sounds familiar, like something Kylie would do. It's a nice song and the voice effects sound really good! (3.5/5)
Well, there you go. I recommend you give the album a listen, there are definitely some great songs on it. Still, I don't think it's nearly as good as Selena's previous albums When The Sun Goes Down and A Year Without Rain.

Final rating (Selena fans will get it):

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