Diana Vickers becomes Cinderella in the new single

Those who watched The X Factor UK regularly probably remember Diana Vickers. She did not win, nor even get into the finale, but she did make an album afterward (Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree) with 2 hits (Once, and my personal favorite The Boy Who Murdered Love). She is now back after a few years with a new single Cinderella, which kinda sounds like something Girls Aloud would do.

The song is really catchy even at first listen and her voice is enchanting as usual. I have just seen the video and I think I love it as much as the song. Sure, some scenes are predictable, but she looks amazing in it and the whole scenery is just perfect. <3

The lyric video is also very cool, so check it out, too!

Oh, I almost forgot, Cinderella will be the 1st single from her new album (another one with an interesting name) Music To Make Boys Cry. Can't wait for it!

Edit: The single is out (in the UK) July 21, while the album will be out September 9. I don't believe she'll be releasing either outside of UK, though.

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