Kylie's hot new lyric vid: And then the skirt came down!

My next blog post was gonna be about the Backstreet Boys' new single, but after seeing the masterpiece that is Kylie Minogue's new lyric video, I had to change the plan. If you're up to date on the Aussie pop queen's career, you probably know she is preparing her new album and the first song from it that has hit the web is Skirt. It is still not clear whether it will also serve as the 1st single from the new album, but it just might, since the song is amazing, very Kylie, but different than her last album, Aphrodite. Here is the sexy lyric video for Skirt:

Kylie looks amazing in the vid (as always) and the song definitely has some memorable lyrics ("got u high as a kite", "and then my skirt came down") and it could turn out to be a big hit for her. Let's see if this will finally help her get another hit in the States. Can't Get You Out Of My Head was a long time ago...

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