Ooh La La - Britney video caps

Those who are up to date on the pop world could not have missed the news that Britney has a new song for the soundtrack of Smurfs 2 called Ooh La La. I couldn't care less about Smurfs movies, but whatever... The song is actually fitting for the movie (I guess), meaning that it's basically for kids. It sounds like something she would've recorded on her 1st CD.


Surprisingly, there will also be a video for the song. No word yet on when it'll come out, but there are a few screen caps that have leaked:

Knowing Brit's team the video will probably have 70% movie scenes and 30% Britney. At least she looks great (as usual) :) Also, she said in a recent radio interview that her kids also appear in the video, so that should be... fun? I guess...

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