What do to when you forget your lines: Sarah Connor lessons

German pop queen Sarah Connor recently attended the White Nights Festival in Russia (June 13-15) and sang a cover of Son Of A Preacher Man and, of course, her biggest hit From Sarah With Love.

She sounded & looked flawless (as usual) and she managed to forget some of her lines (as usual), singing the wrong lines at 3.29 and 3.47. I love it when that happens, cause it happens to her a lot and she has different techniques for dealing with it:

1. She repeats a line she already sang and pretends nothing happened (1st vid - 4.35, 2nd vid - 1.17)
2. She hums something unintelligible (1st vid - 4.29, 3rd vid - 2.43)
3. She starts laughing/waving and pretends to communicate with someone from the audience (4th vid - 1.05), and of course the common one
4. She points the mic to the audience like she wants them so sing.



Don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of her, I just find it really entertaining and she handles it like a pro every time :) Plus, I imagine it's funnier for her than for us, I'm surprised she manages to keep a straight face.

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