Britney comes and the room gets sexy

Of course the logical way to start a blog about music is to start with a post about my favorite artist - Britney Spears. Since she has a bunch of amazing songs, let's go with the one everyone should know (but unfortunately not everyone does). The song is called Up N Down and I used a lyric from it to name this blog.  This song was only a bonus track on her latest album Femme Fatale, but it has definitely been a fan favorite ever since it leaked. Britney's team also obviously knows how good the song is so they made it the no.2 song on the set list of her Femme Fatale Tour, right after Hold It Against Me. Here is the song in all of its awesomeness.

Speaking of bonus tracks on Femme Fatale, there are 4 more and they're all better than many of the songs on the standard tracklist, so you WILL want to check them out if you haven't already. They're called Selfish (aka Sailfish), Don't Keep Me Waiting, He About To Lose Me and Scary. Now off to Youtube!

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