I am obsessed with Bastille right now!

If you haven't heard of them yet, you absolutely have to! They're a UK band called Bastille and their lead singer is called Dan Smith. They have released one album so far, Bad Blood (came out on March 4 this year in the UK), with a big hit Pompeii, and they are amazing. Unfortunately, they're not really known outside of the UK, but they will be releasing Bad Blood in the US, too.

Another thing you should know about Bastille is that they have creepy/strange videos, so don't be surprised by that. The link to the Pompeii video (featuring black-eyed people like demons from Supernatural) is above, and here is the video to Overjoyed:

Besides Pompeii, which is the no.1 track on the album and their biggest hit (reached no.2 on the UK charts), they have many other amazing songs on the album. My favorites are the beautiful ballads Laughter Lines, Daniel In The Den and Overjoyed, as well as the faster songs Things We Lost In The Fire and the title track Bad Blood.

Things We Lost In The Fire will apparently be their 6th (!) single from this album (if Wikipedia is to be trusted), to be released September 2 in the UK. There, if you have been hating yourself for not living in the UK, now you have one more reason to.

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