Renaissance Girls - new single by Oh Land

One of my fave singers is a Danish singer Oh Land, who has a bunch of amazing, very unique songs. The first song of hers that I ever heard was Sun Of A Gun, which is so catchy and cool. 

She has 2 albums so far, Fauna and Oh Land, and most of the songs on them are very poetic, like something out of a fairytale. She is currently preparing her 3rd album. Her newest song that has just come out a few weeks ago is called Renaissance Girls and it will (I guess?) be the 1st single off the upcoming album. I'm not a big fan of the song, imo doesn't sound like her style at all... Hopefully the video will be better (should be out soon).

Anyway, if you don't like Renaissance Girls, you should listen to some other Oh Land songs, which are much much better. Her ballads are usually very good, and some of my favs are Wolf & I, Numb and Perfection.

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