Billboard Music Awards Highlights: Taylor, Britney, Mariah & Co.

Who stayed awake during last night's 3 hours of Billboard Music Awards? If you did, that is an accomplishment. But let's not be cruel (yet), besides the many commercial breaks, forgettable performances and awards presented, there were some highlights that deserve our attention. If you haven't watched BBMAs, here's a short recap of what you've missed.

1. Taylor Swift premiered her Bad Blood video
The show wasn't opened by a live performance, but by a new video for Taylor Swift's latest single Bad Blood. You know, the song she remixed with a rapper (like many do when they need a hit, e.g. Katy Perry with E.T.) and then invited a bunch of celebrities to appear in the video. First of all, the song is mediocre at best, so it needed this buzz in order to become a hit (which it probably will). Secondly, if you think the video is similar to Britney Spears' 2004 hit Toxic, it's no suprise because they have the same director - Joseph Kahn.

2. Mariah Carey performed...
Queen of the divas, Mariah Carey, performed her early hit Vision of Love, as well as her latest single Infinity, to mixed reviews. We're all aware that her voice isn't what it used to be anymore, and the girl is not helping distract us from that fact with her basic standing-in-one-place performances and songs that all sound the same. Also, looks like J.Lo wasn't impressed at all. Not that Mimi cares, she doesn't even know who J.Lo is...

3. Britney & Iggy Azalea performed Pretty Girls
Britney Spears finally decided it might be a good idea to actually promote her music (we probably have Iggy to thank for that), so the two teamed up and did a great performance of their latest single Pretty Girls. Just like the video, the performance was 80s- and space-themed and the girls looked amazing in their sexy outfits. It might be even better than the actual video, as it doesn't feature cheesy acting breaks and product placement. This could very well be Britney's best TV performance since the In The Zone era, and we hope she'll do more of them soon.

4. Winners - Iggy Azalea, Taylor, One Direction and more Taylor...
Some of the most important (yet not surprising) award winners last night were: Iggy Azalea for Best Rap Song (Fancy), Best Streaming Artist and Best Rap Artist (sorry Nicki Minaj), One Direction for Best Touring Act and Top Duo/Group, Sam Smith for Top Male Artist, Meghan Trainor for Top Hot 100 Song and Top Digital Song, Taylor Swift in a bunch of categories, etc. Check out the full list here!

5. Nick Jonas copies Selena Gomez
Nick Jonas (anyone interested in him at all?) performed his single Jealous, in a performance that was more than obviously inspired by Selena Gomez's hit Love You Like A Love Song. With neon colors and projections of sunglasses and lips, the whole thing looked directly borrowed from Selena's video. To be honest that's the only thing I noticed because the song is so bland...

6. Booing for Kanye West, Kendal and Kylie Jenner
Kanye West closed the show (weird, right?) with a performance of All Day and Black Skinhead, but it seems that people don't like him that much (not weird). He was announced by Kendal Jenner and Kylie Jenner, who were booed while calling him "a great artist, a friend, an inspiration, a brother." Then, when Kanye got on the stage to perform, the audience apparently booed him too. To be honest, they could've booed anyone there, because with all the pyrotechnics it was hard to see who was actually on stage until the last seconds. Also, basically half the performance was censored, so it was a joy to watch live...

There, we've survived these 3 hours of sleep-inducing performances (and some entertaining ones). What were your favorite ones? Has anyone missed out on an award they deserved to win? Leave a comment! Now, it's just a few months till the VMAs, which will hopefully be more interesting (don't hold your breath though)!

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