Weird Music News: Miley Cyrus & Hilary Duff

In this edition of weird music news, we bring you two pop singers that have made some awkward choices when it comes to their new music: Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus.

1. Miley writes a song about her dead pet fish

Yeah, you read that correctly, Miley had a pet blowfish Pablow that has died, so she decided to make a ballad about it. She's definitely a big animal lover, and we all know how much it sucks to lose a pet, so we can't (and shouldn't) blame her for grieving about her passed-away fish. The song is actually very emotional, but some of the lyrics do sound strange (especially when you know it's a fish she's singing about). For example, the part about eating sushi:

On Saturday night we all went out to eat
But I can never decide, so someone chose sushi
I got soup, and I ordered rice
But watching my friends eat my friends ruined my appetite

Anyway, we know how you feel, Miley. At least Pablow has now been immortalized in this song and in your tattoo.

2. Hilary turns a video into a commercial for Tinder

So Hilary Duff is very excited that she's single and that she started dating again. To show us that she's just like us mortals, and that she uses mobile apps to find dates, she decided to turn her comeback music video into a commercial for Tinder, a popular dating app.

After her previous two singles (Chasing The Sun and All About You) didn't really perform well, even though they were great songs and had cute videos, Hilary is giving it another go with her latest single Sparks. It's a cool pop song that you can bop to, although the whistles in the chorus are very 2011.
Anyway, the music video for Sparks brings product placement to a whole new level. It's literally an advertisement for Tinder. Most of the music video is her talking about dating on Tinder, footage from her dates (real or not? who knows), so you can't even listen to the song clearly. What's worst of all, the actual parts of the video where she performs the song are very cool, so she could've made a great video for the song. At least there should've been two versions of it (one of them being Tinder-free).
So why did she decide to basically ignore the song and focus on making a documentary about her dating life? My guess is as good as yours.

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