Pretty Girls Britney & Iggy are Back! (And So are We!)

After almost a year of being inactive on this blog, due to some other stuff I was working on, I decided to start things up again and continue with the latest music news! Let's be honest, last year's music scene was pretty boring, so we didn't miss out on much, right? But things are finally getting interesting, and what better way to continue where we left off then with news about our favorite legend - Britney Spears!

First of all, no doubt you've all heard her new single Pretty Girls, featuring Iggy Azalea, and watched the video for it. In case you haven't (shame on you!), here you go. Warning: a million jump cuts, bad acting, cheesy lines and a hard-to-follow storyline incoming!

While the song itself is arguably Britney's weakest lead single to date, the video kind of makes the song tolerable. That is, if you're aware that the whole idea was to make a cheesy, throwback to the 80s video with colorful clothes, valley girl parody scenes and giant hair. Compared to the mess we've seen during the Circus and Britney Jean eras (boring af videos such as Radar, If U Seek Amy and Perfume), the Pretty Girls video is definitely a great change of pace for Brit Brit.

However, Britney isn't drawing our attention with just this song and video. Over the past few weeks, she's been all sorts of sassy on her Vegas "Piece of Me" shows. Just yesterday, she decided to shame a guy from the audience who was brought on stage during Freakshow because he was drunk. So, after thanking him, she said: "Although you do reek of alcohol." Feeling on a roll, she added: "He doesn't even really know his name!" 

Also, a few weeks ago, an audience member called her "a fat bitch", and since the queen obviously has super hearing, she heard him. So, what did she do? She called him a fucking asshole in front of everyone. Zero fucks to give.

So, next time you decide to show up at Britney's concert wasted or to insult her, be prepared to face the wrath of Godney.

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