Painful New Maroon 5 Single

What Katy Perry did a few years back with Teenage Dream, Maroon 5 are doing right now. In their 2583rd single in the last two years, the guys are pulling all the stops in an attempt to score another hit while they're still hot. If their next single isn't a collab with some currently hot star, such as Nicki Minaj or Taylor Swift, I'm quitting blogging.* After hanging (literally) out with hams in a butcher's shop in their video for Animals, the band is back with another provocative single, with the unnecessarily long and explicit title This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf***er. And you thought Mariah Carey's album title was awkward.

So, what's the song like? 

Let's be clear right from the start - if anyone else was singing this song, it wouldn't be a hit. Animals had terrible lyrics and a disgusting video, but it was catchy as hell, while this doesn't even come close. You'd expect at least the chorus to have a great hook, but no. Also, the song has some weird old-school vibe, as if it was from another decade. Still, it's Maroon 5, so it'll probably be a summer smash in no time. 

*not really.

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