Sarah Connor releases first German album - Muttersprache

Five years after her last album, Real Love, the most popular German singer, Sarah Connor, has come back with a brand new album! Although she has always sang in English, Sarah decided to finally make an album in German, naming it appropriately - Muttersprache (Mother Tongue). So, all the Sarah fans out there, you better brush up on your German!

As a person who doesn't speak a word of German, I can't really give a review of the albums lyrical content. Still, Sarah sounds amazing as ever, whatever language she's singing in. 

Muttersprache is definitely a lot different than Sarah's English albums, which were a lot more pop (with the exception of Soulicious, her album of covers of classic soul songs). Most of the tracks on this album are midtempos and ballads, with piano and acoustic guitar being predominant, so if you're looking for something you can chill out to, this could be your thing.

The album contains 13 songs, while the deluxe edition has a bonus disc with 7 more songs (4 of which are in English). The first single, Wie Schön Du Bist, was released a few weeks before the album, on May 1. Check out the video below:

For those of you not familiar with Sarah's past hits (shame on you), be sure to check out the amazing Bounce, Living To Love You, From Zero To Hero, and the timeless ballad From Sarah With Love:

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