So the VMAs happened...

If you were watching the VMAs last night, you are now probably thinking 'damn did I really waste my time on that?!' Or maybe you're not, maybe you liked it. And if you're in the 3rd group and didn't watch it at all, this is the place for you!
Let's check out what happened, y'all!

1. Gaga performed Applause (you know, the new single where you can barely understand a word she's singing). The performance was average, even boring for her standards, with the same choreography as always. She wore a rubber-sort-of-hat on her had, which looked awful, as if she were a patient escaped from a hospital.

2. Katy Perry performer Roar in a boxing ring. This might sound awesome, but it was not. Everything looked low-budget: the clothes (awful, awful...), the props, the song...

3. Miley Cirus did a trainwreck performance of her inexplicably big hit We Can't Stop. This whole sleazy, slutty, horrible performance can be summed up in this gif:

4. Justin Timberlake did a tribute performance for himself. For himself. 'Nuff said.

5. Flawless Selena Gomez won the award for the Best Pop Video (Come & Get It), and rumors are Miley left the show early because of this and because of poor comments on her performance.

6. One Direction won the Best Summer Song (Best Song Ever) award and got booed. Oops!

And some other stuff happened, too, I guess. :D What were your favorite/least favorite moments? Spill that tea!

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