Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once: Track-By-Track Review

"If I set you free
and you actually came back to me..."

Finally, it's time for the review of KYLIE MINOGUE'S latest album 'KISS ME ONCE'. After the amazing Aphrodite (which surprisingly didn't do so well), any album would be underwhelming, and Kiss Me Once is definitely that. It has some good songs, but few that scream 'mega-hit'. Let's do something different here and rank the songs based on how good they are:

8. Les Sex - this unusually titled song may not be your best source for learning French ("les hand on les leg"), but it's amazing and the most obvious hit here. It's so good and should definitely be chosen as a single. (5/5)
2. Million Miles - Now we're talking! This song is typical Kylie and sounds like it came straight out of her Fever album. It has a very catchy chorus that could be a smash on the radio. (5/5)
7. If Only - here's a song that would fit perfectly on Body Language, next to Chocolate and Loving Days. This is a lovely mid-tempo with probably the best lyrics on this album. Definitely check it out! (5/5)
3. I Was Gonna Cancel - produced by Pharrell Williams, this song is not typical for Kylie. It has an RnB sound and would fit better on Body Language. The instrumental is a bit repetitive but the lyrics are inspiring, so check it out. Also, this is the 2nd single, so expect a video soon! (5/5)

4. Sexy Love - another typical Kylie song with a summery sound. It has a lot of catchy bits ("you look so sexy, so sexy in my bed") so it could become one of fan favorites. (4.5/5)
9. Kiss Me Once - the title song sounds a bit like old school Kylie. It has a great chorus, although Kylie's voice in it sounds a little nasal. (4.5/5)
5. Sexercise - this song was written by Sia and Kylie promoted the hell out of it. She made a steamy video that got many people bothered, and even created a website for it! People usually either love or hate this song, but I'm somewhere in the middle. (4/5)
13. Sleeping With The Enemy - one of the rare ballads and also a bonus track. It's very haunting but nothing special. Still, check it out. (3.5/5)

1. Into The Blue - Kylie has a habit of sometimes choosing weaker tracks as lead singles (2 Hearts, Slow) and she did the same here. This is a pretty safe song that shouldn't have been a single at all. (3/5)
10. Beautiful (feat. Enrique Iglesias) - Enrique's and Kylie's voices blend perfectly together, so they should definitely do more duets. However, they should perhaps be more exciting than this song. Not saying that Beautiful isn't good, but you're likely to get bored of it after a few listens. (3/5)
6. Feels So Good - this is probably the most forgettable song on the album. You'll likely to listen to it once and then skip it. It's another mid-tempo song that just leads nowhere. (2/5)
11. Fine - this is another filler that you're probably going to skip. Absolutely nothing special about this song. (2/5)
12. Mr. President - an unusual electro-pop song that sounds like Kylie's recently released song Skirt. It's just a bonus track and it's better that it didn't make the album. (2/5)

If you're a fan of Kylie or pop music in general, you're probably gonna like the album, especially songs like Sexy Love and Million Miles. Still, it's definitely not among Kylie's best albums.

Although, she can definitely still put on a show and make you love a song even more:

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