Girls in Pop: Anastacia, Kylie, Sophie, Shakira

Female pop stars are very active these days, releasing new videos and albums all the time. Surprisingly, today's list includes all the pop veterans, singers that have been on the scene for many years. Let's kick things off with a diva who used to top the charts at the start of this century.

Anastacia - Stupid Little Things

Yeah, Anastacia is finally back! After winning another battle against cancer, and a recent album of covers, she's back with a new single Stupid Little Things. The song brings her back to the pop-rock sound of her 3rd album 'Anastacia' and is similar to one of her biggest hits, Left Outside Alone. It's an empowering, very catchy song with a great chorus. The video is also nice, although not very innovative. It's basically just Anastacia walking through a dessert, a city and a train. She looks great, though, so that's a plus. The new album, Ressurection, will be out May 6! (5/5)

Shakira - Empire

After a disappointing new album 'Shakira.' and mediocre lead single with Rihanna, Can't Remember To Forget You, Shakira is giving it another try with the 2nd single, Empire. This is a ballad that you might like if you watch the video. Otherwise, you're probably gonna think it's another filler. Lyrics are too corny ("stars make love to the universe") and there's no real chorus, just some weird voice effects. On the other hand, the video is beautiful, so watch it for sure! (2/5)

Kylie Minogue - Sexercise

Kylie also hasn't had much success with her latest album, Into The Blue, but she definitely caused a lot of controversy with the new video for Sexercise. The song itself is not really anything special, although that style is currently popular, so it might get a positive reaction. But the video - OMG! She sexerices with a bunch of other hot women, in (needless to say) provocative outfits and poses. The video is one wet shirt away from being lesbo porn. At least Kylie looks amazing. P.S. This won't be the 2nd single. Instead, the next single is gonna be I Was Gonna Cancel - lyric video HERE. (3/5)

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Runaway Daydreamer

After releasing the best album of the year, Wanderlust, Sophie-Ellis Bextor has released another single from it, Runaway Daydreamer. The songs sounds exactly like its title does - it's a mellow song perfect for daydreaming or walking through a meadow in springtime. I'm not really sure why she chose this one as the 2nd single since there are much better songs on the album. Sophie, if you're reading this, 13 Little Dolls has to be next! The video is basically Young Blood video pt.2, with the same scenes as in that video. (4/5)

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