Oh Land - Wish Bone: Track by track review

Here it is, narwhals, casual Oh Land fans and other music lovers - the 3rd Oh Land album 'Wish Bone' is here! Have you heard it yet? Did you freak out over the booklet picture shown above? Me too! Now let's see what Oh Land has prepared for us here:
1. Bird In An Aeroplane - Kind of a weird song to start an album with. Not very good, mostly because of the messy sound effects. (2/5)
2. Renaissance Girls - I already reviewed the song/video, so check it out. You'll probably need to listen to this a few times before you're into it. The only weak point is the chorus, which doesn't match the excellent verses and is very repetitive. (4/5)
3. Cherry On Top - This is a really sweet and lovely song about ambitions in life and growing up. A very nostalgic song that features some of Oh Land's best vocals. One of my favorites. (5/5)
4. 3 Chances - This song is very similar to songs such as Deep Sea and Koo Koo, from her 1st album, Fauna. It has beautiful lyrics and musical box-like sound. (4/5)
5. My Boxer - I also did a review of this song/video here. This is a strange song with some really weird lyrics, so you may not be into this, but I think it's amazing, although it's not Oh Lands' typical sound. (5/5)
6. Love A Man Dead - This one is similar to Audition Day, but not as good. It has similar music like the song no.1. (2/5)
7. Next Summer - Getting back to ballads, which are really Oh Land's strong point. This is a sad, piano ballad that sounds like Wolf & I part 2, but not as good. It should last more than just 2:30. (4/5)
8. Sleepy Town - Another lovely ballad, similar to the previous one. The music could have been simpler and more acoustic. (4/5)
9. Pyromaniac - A funky, uptempo song that I already wrote about. Check it out for sure! (4/5)
10. Green Card - I'm not a fan of this one. Although it starts off great, the chorus is just bad, with strange lyrics such as 'I am your green card.' (2/5)
11. Kill My Darling - Hmm, this is another quite forgettable track for me. Nothing really stands out here, so you'll probably skip this one quite often. (1/5)
12. Love You Better - Probably my favorite song on the album. Such a beautiful, stripped back ballad with just an acoustic guitar that you can barely hear. This one needs to be a single! (5/5)
13. First To Say Goodnight - I feel this is a somewhat unusual song for Oh Land to sing, it doesn't really fit her sound. Very forgettable. (1/5)

Overall, this album is very hit and miss for me. There are some amazing songs, but many oh them are just average or worse. If you expected anything like her previous 2 albums, you'll probably be disappointed, since there are not many ethereal, airy songs like Perfection, Frostbite and Wolf & I on this album.

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