Go call the Guv-a-nuh! Britney's new single Work Bitch is out!

The new Britney Spears single is out and it has taken the whole Internet by storm. The 1st single off her upcoming 8th album is called Work Bitch and it is a super fast electronic-dance track that will keep everyone dancing and jumping around like crazy.

Britney is delivering something totally unexpected and the risk is definitely paying off! She's speaking really fast (in a British accent) throughout most of the song, telling us to 'betta work bitch!' In what has already been called 'the song that will reduce the unemployment rate in the US', Britney is urging us to work if we want to live fancy, live in a big mansion and party in France (helping France get that tourism revenue!).

The best thing about the song is how Britney pronounces certain words, such as:
'Go call the paw-lice, go call the Guv-a-nuh!'
'Here comes the smashuh, here comes the mastuh!'
'I am the bad biiiitch'
'Look hawt in a bih-ki-ni!'

Forget everything you know about Britney's discography and don't expect anything similar to what she has done before or to what anyone else is doing atm. Work Bitch is bringing something hot 'n fresh and you really have no choice but to work, bitch and pray for your faves' wigs, cuz Brit is coming to snatch them all!

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